Bordeaux en Primeur Futures

Jeffrey Davies and Karim Nasser of Signature Selections Join Greg Martellotto of Big Hammer Wines to Discuss the Bordeaux en Primeur Futures System - Live from Bordeaux.

They discuss everything from Bordeaux Futures history to how wine started to be sold in Futures.

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We are thrilled to announce that our 2020 Bordeaux en Primeur Futures program is now live.

Big Hammer Wines has modernized the process with our DTC online model, combining secure escrow, aggressive pricing, and early access. Our company is reliable and well-connected, with long-term relationships among the negociants and chateau in Bordeaux. 

As you have signed up to be notified about our allocations, you will get in a priority lane to buy Bordeaux Classified Growths thanks to our direct connections. Buyers get access to pre-release pricing, often 20% or more below the regular price.

Bordeaux Futures are some of the most sought after wines in the world and these allocations sell quickly. We ask that you keep a close eye on these emails as we will be emailing out our most recent Bordeaux Futures available for pre-sale daily.

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