grocery store wines versus big hammer wines

Should you buy your wine at your local grocery store or online? Wine sales grew in both channels during the pandemic. Now that the pandemic may be coming under control, where should you buy your wine?

Grocery Store Benefits

Shopping for wine at your local grocery store is familiar and comforting. It’s simply a matter of adding wine to your shopping list.

You’re familiar with the parking lot, the busy times, the selections, and the prices. You know the layout. You can dash in, get what you want, and dash out. If you need to, you can pop in for a bottle on the way home.

You know the layout of the wine section: more expensive wines at the top and the jug wines at the bottom. Most groceries display their wines by either region or grape, so it’s not hard to find what you store wine benefits

Unless you don’t know what you want, then you are on your own because groceries don’t have wine experts on staff.

Most stores have a broad selection, and you can find some good quality wines, but they all tend to carry the same wines. The three-tier regulatory system dictates which wines the grocery stores can buy. Wine distributors control choice in the grocery channel.

Like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, some stores carry different selections than Kroger and Publix, but not everyone lives near a specialty grocery store.

The grocery store offers instant gratification because you can drink the wine the same day you buy it without planning ahead.

Big Hammer Benefits

If your local grocery store is convenient, buying online is super-convenient. No getting in the car, forgetting your recyclable bags, finding a parking space, standing in line, or lugging bottles home.

Buying online only requires going to the site, clicking through the wines to select what you want, adding them to the shopping cart, and typing in your credit card number. The wine shows up at your door a few days later.big hammer wines benefits

If you want specific wines for certain occasions, you need to order ahead. But ordering consistently means you’ll never run out of wine.

Wine clubs make it even easier. Sign up for what you want, and the wine shows up. You don’t even have to think about it.

A decent grocery store wine will run $20, which is the tipping point between generic and decent grocery store wine. At Big Hammer Wines, a premium online wine retailer, $20 gets you a $40 quality wine.

Big Hammer Wines carries only high-quality wine. Their expert professionals choose every wine using a rigorous and strict selection process.

You’ll never get mass-produced or bottom-shelf wines from Big Hammer Wines. If you want to up your wine drinking, this is the place to shop.

They have an excellent and friendly customer service staff and no salespeople, just passionate wine lovers like you.

Satisfaction is guaranteed and shipping is free with six bottles or more.

What Wine You Should Buy at Your Local Grocery Store

Wine under $15. Wine for everyday drinking. Pool party wine. Wine to go with Hot Pockets.

Wines in a box. Last minute wine. Easy-drinking wines you don’t care what they taste like.

If you drink the same wine all the time or don’t care about trying a new wine and hating it.

Consider: rosé, value wines from Spain, private label wines, cheaper sparkling wines, cheap white wines, or high alcohol reds with sweeter profiles. Other options include Beaujolais nouveau or international table wines.

What Wine You Should Buy from Big Hammer Wines

Wines at the $20 tipping point and up (remember, it’ll taste like $40 or more!)

Everyday wine if you want to make every day special (for a little more, you’ll get much better wine.)

Wines to impress your corporate clients, in-laws, your brother, your buddies, your husband, or your girlfriends.

The wines you love or wines you want to try that you can count on to be enjoyable.

Better tasting, easy-drinking wines.

Wines above the table wine classification and all fine wines.

Wrapping it Up

You want decent wine at a fair price, a quick buying process, and a guarantee. While shopping for wine at the grocery store is okay and sometimes necessary, Big Hammer Wines offers a better way.

We know wine, we love wine, and we love sharing wine with you. We only sell wines that are good enough for our customers and for us. We drink these wines too!

We always have your interests in mind and don’t want you to shell out your precious cash for over-priced, mediocre wine.

When you buy wine from Big Hammer Wines, you’ll get high-quality wine at the most competitive prices in the marketplace. You’ll get email and text deals when you want, based on what you like.

If you don’t like something, call our friendly customer service folks, and we’ll make it right.

Now you have friends in the wine business who share your passion! We’ll take care of you.

Big Hammer Wines

The wine experts at Big Hammer Wines taste thousands of wines every year from around the globe, looking for quality and value. This special offer reflects the passion we have for our clients.

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