The Six Types of Wine Buyers

According to the Project Genome, a survey conducted by Constellation wines among 10,000 wine consumers, monitored over 18 months, they have determined there are six types of buyers. These include:

Enthusiast -12% of consumers make 25% of purchases. These people like to try wines of the world.

Image Seeker - 20% of consumers make 24% of purchases. These people purchase wines in an attempt to impress their friends.

Savvy Shopper - 15% of consumers make 15% of purchases. These people purchase based on sales and critical press.

Traditionalist - 16% of consumers make 15% of purchases. These people rely on the same national brands with little variance.

Satisfied Sipper - 14% of consumers make 8% of purchases. These people are happy to drink house wines at restaurants and 1.5L wines at home.

Overwhelmed - 23% of consumers make 13% of purchases

What kind of wine buyer are you?

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