The Best Deals in Fine & Rare Wines today

As a wine entrepreneur, I'm often looking at the business of wine from a skewed perspective of dollars and sense.

As a wine lover with limited resources, I am often seeking out certain wines for my own pleasure at affordable prices. People often ask me what I'm drinking and where I buy wines. I buy a lot of wine from private collectors who have too much wine in their collection, whose tastes may have changed and/or no longer drink enough wine to warrant the amount of wine they own. Wines that are easy to purchase for resale include about 10 properties in Bordeaux and 5 properties in Burgundy. They are the usual suspects. The first and second growths in BDX plus Petrus, DRC, Roumier, Leroy, Jayer, Leflaive, and a few others. More interesting to find, and more rewarding to drink, especially as a wine lover on a budget are the unheralded wines from outstanding producers most people have never heard of. This includes Huet, Foreau and Cotat in Loire. There are some fine older Rhone wines at incredible prices. I like to find 8-15 year old white burgundy under $50. I'm always happy to see how inexpensive some older Barolos, Barbarescos at killer prices because these wines tend to age gracefully. There are even some Napa cabs from Dunn, Ridge, and Pahlmeyer at prices that make you feel like you're stealing; at times 50% of the current release price on the same wines. Of course, there are lots of gems that come along too. Wines that don't have much appeal in the resale market, but turn out to be really fantastic wines for less than $40. Stay tuned to our growing selection and try some of these wines.

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