How to Enjoy Pandemic TV: 14 Shows Paired with 14 Wines, only from Puros Vinazos

Pandemic TV watching is a thing. Who knows how long it will go on? We decided to match up a few of our favorite shows with a few of our favorite wines. Tell us if you agree or have other pairings to recommend!

1. One of Netflix’s top Spanish-language shows, La Casa de Papel (Money Heist,) allows no time to rest. The non-stop action keeps you glued to the screen. The show features a rogue band of misfits breaking into Spain’s impossible to breach fortress, the Royal Mint. Their goal is to make off with 2.4 billion Euros! You’ll be holding your breath a lot but be sure to let the air out. You don’t want to miss a sip of the 2018 Viñedos de Alfaro Real Agrado Tinto Rioja.

2. Another top Netflix show, Élite (The Elite,) is the perfect pandemic TV show to enjoy with antsy teenagers. The show takes place at an exclusive (ultra-rich) Spanish boarding school. Cue the Mean Girls (and boys) when three lower-class kids arrive. When a classmate is murdered, everyone’s a suspect. A twist of an ending in the first season ups the game for the following one. Raise your drinking to the elite level without breaking the bank with a 2015 Marques de Riscal Finca Torrea Rioja.

La Casa de las Flores
3. After the intrigue and action of the first two shows, you’ll be craving some laughs. Anyone who remembers the 1970 U.S. series, Soap, will appreciate La Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers.) Breaking every Méxican stereotype, the show combines the legacies of two families. One owns a flower shop and the other a drag club, both with the same name. Watch this one with your family and compare notes while enjoying a chilled bottle of 2018 Aleanna El Enemigo Chardonnay from Mendoza, Argentina.

4. And now Tequila! There has to be a Méxican TV show about Tequila. Monarca (Monarch) is that show and resembles Succession. A tequila billionaire, his family, corruption, scandals, secrets, greed: what’s not to love? And the lead is female, maybe because Salma Hayek is a producing partner. Watching this while drinking tequila may not be the best idea, though. Try the 2017 Catena Alta Chardonnay from Argentina’s Uco Valley instead.

Pablo Cruz’s Taco Chronicles
5. You’re probably getting hungry, and what would hit the spot? Tacos, of course. Not your typical food show, tacos are front and center in Pablo Cruz’s Taco Chronicles. You’ll learn about every style of taco from around México, the history behind each, and creative adaptations. The taco even gets its own voiceover. There can be no more appropriate beverage for this show than a wine from the western hemisphere’s oldest winery. Pick up your favorite tacos and a bottle of 2018 Casa Madero 3V Red Blend Parras Valley, Coahuila México.

Las Chicas del Cable
6. All right ladies, send the husbands, boyfriends, and children to the basement with pizza. Then chill a few bottles of 2015 Ramon Canals Marta Brut Reserva Cava. Settle in to watch four women working at a telephone company (this is not Apple, but the way) in 1920s Spain. You’ll empathize with Las Chicas del Cable (The Cable Girls) in their attempts to earn a living and make lives of their own. Romance and history spice up their days, like Cava will spice up yours.

Control Z
7. Techies want their own show, and Control Z is it. In this popular series, a hacker at a Méxican high school leaks his fellow students’ secrets. A less than popular female student follows the trail to discover the thief. Your choice: the 2017 Secrets del Mar Spanish White Blend DO Terra Alta or the 2016 Secrets del Mar Spanish Red Blend Terra Alta. Either will keep you company while your own hacker ignores you in favor of the screen.

Club de Cuervos
8. A sports show about soccer, Club de Cuervos (Club of Crows) pits Méxican siblings against each other after their father’s death. The son inherits the team, Cuervos FC, but the daughter decides to make it hers. Really, it’s funny and dramatic, and you’ll be binging it in no-time. Especially if you have a few bottles of 2016 Errazuriz Max Reserva Chardonnay from Chile chilled and at hand.

Puerta 7
9. Ok, guys, here’s a real sports show for you: Puerta 7 from Argentina. A thriller in disguise, the show peaks inside the world of soccer fan clubs through the eyes of a female cop. Her journey through the darkness, corruption, and violence surrounding the game makes it impossible to pull away. You’ll need something substantial and Argentine to keep you going. Grab a bottle of 2019 Finca Buenaventura 'Punto Aureo' Malbec or 2018 Finca Buenaventura Aureo Cabernet Sauvignon.

El Ministerio del Tiempo
10. A show about time travel may help sooth our travel desires. El Ministerio del Tiempo (Ministry of Time,) blends history and sci-fi. Think Spanish Dr. Who with a secret agency of soldiers, paramedics, and unconventional women. Enjoy the ride with the 2017 Formiga de Seda Priorat Blanco. The wine is exotic enough to keep you drinking and watching the show.

Vivir Sin Permiso
11. Vivir Sin Permiso (Unauthorized Living) turns the drug-lord story in a different and relevant direction. Taking place in Spanish Galicia, the story revolves around a drug lord suffering from Alzheimer's disease. When he announces his retirement, his son and adopted son fight for control of the business. A Spanish Bordeaux blend from a unique landscape, the 2011 Pago de Vallegarcia Petite Hipperia Montes de Toledo, will feed your inner tycoon.

Green Frontier
12. There may be no more mysterious place on earth than the Amazon jungle. Green Frontier takes place on the Brazil/Colombia border with two detectives investigating murder. A Colombian production, the story combines indigenous secrets and supernatural mysteries. Brazilian wines aren’t easy to find. Instead, uncover the mystery with a Portuguese 2016 Conceito Contraste Tinto or 2017 Conceito Contraste Branco.

Luis Miguel: The Series
13. Music lovers will be engrossed in the story of Méxican singer Luis Miguel, La Serie (Luis Miguel: The Series.) Known as “El Sol de México” (The Sun of México,) he was beloved throughout Latin America. A versatile stage performer with a long, successful career, his difficult life was kept from the public eye. Pick up a wine from the Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California, to keep you company while shedding tears.

Historia de un Crimen: Colosio
14. Political junkies will love this one. Historia de un Crimen: Colosio (Crime Diaries: The Candidate) is based on a true event. On March 23, 1994, Méxican presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio was assassinated during a campaign rally in Tijuana. On the case are a couple of detectives trying to unwrap what happened. Given the gobs of money involved in political campaigns, only the 2016 Almaviva Puente Alto Maipo Cabernet Red Blend Chile meets the challenge.

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