National Wine Day May 25

We are so ready to be outside celebrating spring weather with a cookout and tasty wine, especially now with the pandemic lockdown easing.

Imagine stunning weather. Imagine a sky so clear and deep blue it’s like staring down into the middle of a serene Lake Tahoe on a perfect summer day. Add in the rich, fresh scent of just mowed grass and the savory-sweet smell of barbecue ribs roasting all day. You hear glasses tinkling, voices laughing, water splashing. The only thing missing is the wine.
National Wine Day Celebration
This is how we want to celebrate National Wine Day 2021!

So we put together a new “Go-To Wines” selection to bring it all together at prices to make you smile.

National Wine Day

The U.S. Government hasn’t proclaimed May 25 as National Wine Day. There are no official proclamations associated with wine. So, we took some liberties with other official proclamations (see more at Wikipedia.)

  • November 15: America Recycles Day! Save your wine bottles and make your local glass recycler happy.
  • The third week in May: World Trade Week! This week is a great time to try wines from around the globe.
  • November: National Entrepreneurship Month! Visit local wineries, vineyards, and retailers, and check out smaller online wine retailers. Support small businesses!

While National Wine Day isn’t official, wine lovers everywhere celebrate May 25, at least since 2009. Because all states produce wine these days, no matter where you live in the U.S., you can support your local wineries.

And you can still enjoy your favorite wines from the West Coast, Europe, or South America, while drinking better wine for less money.
Celebrate National Wine Day
The French, the country most revered in the wine world, celebrate France Gourmet week in September with local food and wine. The third Thursday in November, they celebrate the release of the newest vintage of young Beaujolais Nouveau wines.

FYI, National Drink Wine Day is February 18. Be sure to add it to your calendar! What’s the difference between National Wine Day and National Drink Wine Day?

National Drink Wine Day is a day to celebrate drinking wine. National Wine Day celebrates everything about wine: agriculture, business, science, marketing, education, research, history, and tasting.

National Wine Day Special

Specialty premium online retailer Big Hammer Wines announces a limited-time special offer of “Go-To Wines” to coincide with National Wine Day. The line-up includes premium wines from the most important regions of France and a few from Santa Barbara Wine Country.

These wines will create enormous joy for you and your guests. Don’t tell your guests how little you spent. They wouldn’t believe you anyway.

Just be gracious and accept the accolades.

If you want to add even more fun to the party, May 25 is also National Sing Out Day and National Tap Dance Day, so get your song and dance routines ready!

With limited quantity, high-quality, and fantastic pricing, these wines will sell out quickly so order yours today.

Big Hammer Wines

The wine experts at Big Hammer Wines taste thousands of wines every year from around the globe, looking for quality and value. This special offer reflects the passion we have for our clients.

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