Online Wine Retailer Shares Revenue with Ecommerce Sites Affected by COVID-19

The specter of ongoing coronavirus infections and economic shutdowns continues to haunt business owners around the country.

But one San Diego businessman created a unique response. He created a new opportunity for his company and for others. 

Greg Martellotto, owner of Big Hammer Wines, approached several online travel and restaurant companies with a novel partnership idea. 

Because these industries remain at a complete standstill, he proposed marketing his wines leveraging their email lists and sharing the incremental revenue with them. 

“We’re able to offer a marketing partnership to these companies that have been shut down,” Greg explains. “They have customers who like wine. We have great wine and are able to ship nationwide.”

The idea grew as a natural extension of relationships he has with fashion websites, wine clubs, and other retailers. 

These retailers have their unique communities for which Greg supplies wine. Wines vary based on market availability. For improved retailer margins, Greg teaches them how to build their brand through a private label wine program.

“This is the best time for ecommerce in the wine trade. We experienced growth during the last recession from 2008-2010, and we are growing again now,” says Greg. “During times of crisis, businesses need to pivot. They need to find alternative ways to stay alive.”

Big Hammer Wines is an online wine retailer experiencing a surge in sales due to COVID-19. Quarantined consumers have turned in droves to online retailers for their wine needs. 

According to Nielsen, total wine sales (value) grew 66% over the prior year for the week ending March 21 and 28% the previous week. Online sales for all alcoholic beverage categories grew 243%.

Shelter in place orders motivated many Americans tobuy wine online. Much of this migration to online shopping will continue over the long term as shoppers change purchasing habits.

The wine trade is breathing a sigh of relief. Worries such as tariffs wars, oversupply, and now an economic slowdown, challenged winemakers over the past year.

Greg continues, “This partnership allows businesses to generate much-needed revenue. A true win-win that can last beyond COVID-19.”


ABOUT Big Hammer Wines

Since its launch in 2009, Big Hammer Wines has been committed to sourcing wines of exceptional quality and value at every price point, from the U.S. and around the world.

With an impressive direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales model, Big Hammer uses technology to integrate and improve the wine distribution channel, resulting in more favorable pricing.

Inc. Magazine has recognized Big Hammer Wines as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

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Big Hammer Wines

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