New Year’s Resolution: Come for More Adventures

Are you ready for a New Year filled with new wine adventures? We know we are, which is why our team of sommeliers has worked around the clock to get you the best wines delivered to your door. We work in the wine industry for a reason, we love it. Selecting and sharing wine is how our team expresses itself. When we share a wine with you, we are not just sharing a bottle. We are sharing a moment in time. Within each bottle there is a memory with a story behind it.

Join me as I take you behind the scenes of our Big Hammer Wines team. In the middle of the year our team wanted to send you a fresh new look. Through a meticulous and thoughtful process, it occurred to us that nobody in the wine industry was really telling the beautiful story of the bottle itself. Nobody was really touching on the history, storyand the taste. All three of which are intrinsically swirled together in one glass. We kept reading wine reviews that were surface level at best. Wine is so much more than this to us and to our clients. 

We are shocked and dismayed at how homogenous the grocery store wine shelf looks and how many wonderful producers exist outside the traditional distribution system. Across many industries, the trend is to bring consumers and producers closer and this is the bridge that Big Hammer Wines is building. Most small school producers don’t have marketing teams to get the word out and push their glorious wine. This oftentimes leads to what we call “undiscovered gems.” These are lesser known wines, often from lesser known regions, that are SO unbelievably good we spend most of our work week writing about them so you can have the privilege to uncork them yourself. Our best wine discoveries aren’t made by chance. They are discovered through meticulous, high-level, passionate sourcing. 

Our passion is sharing our passion with you. You may have seen our wine experts specially curated email offers. These emails are something we are very proud of. It is our way of going above and beyond to get the word out about wines that go above and beyond expectations.

I would like to officially introduce you to our team of wine experts.

First up is our Sommelier Craig. Craig loves to have fun, add hints of creativity to his write-ups, and if you aren’t paying close attention to them you are missing out. Through humor and ferver he curates a tale from beginning to end. He especially loves writing about wines from Burgundy because he experienceda once-in-a-lifetime opportunity working a harvest there. He has been captivated by the wine bug ever since. 

Jackson is our wine aficionado who hails from Northern California. Jackson has worked in Michelin starred restaurants and has some incredible food and wine pairings, if you’re wondering what to drink with dinner. When he is not rock climbing he is sipping wine and telling you the facts behind it. You can tell his excitement is pure when you listen to him talk about a new wine discovery. Don’t be fooled by his gentle and kind demeanor, he can tell one hell of a story.

Our newest member to the team is our quick witted, highly versed wine expert, Ana. She came to us just over a year ago ready to hone in on her wine skills. Now that she’s joined our ninja training, she has developed in different areas of the wine industry including certifications as a sommelier, and in wine sales and marketing. She is a well-rounded wine expert ready to take on any new wine that comes her way. 

Alongside myself, our team continues to grow each year. I come to you with over 20+ years of experience. Big Hammer Wines was born from a career change and deep love for the world of wine. Through winemaking, importing and distribution I strive to grow everyday so I can share what I love with you.

As our team of wine experts grows, so does our portfolio. If you are interested in receiving curated emails from our team, click the links below. 

Thank you for joining us for the 2022 edition of adventures in wine.

Big Hammer Wines

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