Chateau Petrus Pomerol

Chateau Pétrus is one of the most expensive wines in the world. Like other wines in the Pomerol region, it was left out of the 1855 Grand Cru Classified list of the top five growths. Petrus is considered to be the most interesting of the Pomerols and it commands an astoundingly high price. It typically trades in the range of $1500-4000/btl and is considered one of the most coveted and collectible wines in the world.

 In Pomerol there is no classification as in Médoc or Saint-Émilion. But the small surface, 11,50 hectares (9 time smaller than Lafite) of Pétrus makes it unique. Production is tiny and hovers around 30,000 bottles per year. Petrus is situated on the higher point of Pomerol with a rare blue argile clay soil. The new barrels are washed in order not to mark the wine to much.

The grapes are harvested when fully matured for the purity of taste to the detriment of productivity. Pétrus with its tremendous soil, is a rendezvous of men in love with wine; Michel Gilet, master of the vines, dreams of nature without chemical interference; Francois Veyssiere, cellar master is a collector of fruit trees in danger of extinction; the winemaker, Jean-Claude and his son, Olivier Berrouet brings his enthusiasm of Basque to Pétrus as well as to Lafleur-Pétrus, La Magdeleine and Trotanoy. All of the properties are owned by the Ets. Moueix.

While Petrus had fame prior to the accession of Robert Parker, most of that fame was focused in London, Belgium, France and a few other markets that had an interest in purchasing the wine of Petrus. In America, Petrus was not that well-known, except to a few experienced Bordeaux tasters prior to the 1960’s.

President John F Kennedy declared he was a fan of Petrus, which instantly gave the wine a much needed boost to its reputation in America. Kennedy also like Cuban cigars and Marilyn Monroe. Wealthy wine collectors wanted to taste the wine President Kennedy and his stylish wife, Jackie Kennedy were so fond of. While that helped start to establish Petrus in America, it needed more attention to become the legendary wine it is today. 

Most Common Varietal Blend of Petrus

  • 95% Merlot
  • 5% Cabernet Franc

Food Pairings

Petrus pairs lovely with meat dishes, grilled dishes and Classic French stews. 

Tasting Notes

Bordeaux's most intensely concentrated, richly flavored and unique red wine. An incredible power, depth and richness yet a remarkable balance with penetrating aromas of ripe mulberry, black currant and fruit and spicy vanilla oak, setting it apart from all Bordeaux's finest wines.

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