2009 Louis Dousset Assemblage Grand Cru Brut

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  • Biodynamic and Sustainable Vineyard
  • Grand Cru, Grower Champagne
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About the Wine

Have you ever tasted the passion, dedication, caring, hours and hours of hard work, the perfect combination of climate and soils, the love and traditions? This wine is all that and more. Since 1844, the Dousset family has been cultivating premium vines for Champagne production in the town of Reims. In 1976 a new generation came into the fold, Louis Dousset, and began to bottle his own champagne. The Dousset's focus their efforts on a few, meticulously selected plots of vines in a limited number of villages that have a distinctive, contemporary style that relies on top-quality vineyards to produce world-class Champagne.

Today Louis’s grandson, Jean-Roch Floquet, is currently in control of the winery and production, and just like his grandfather, he controls all aspects of winemaking with an unrivaled passion. With meticulous care in the vineyard, biodynamic and sustainable methods, a traditional winemaking process with modern and innovative technology, and a lot of patience during the aging process, the Dousset family keeps crushing it!

Located in Verzenay, a Grand Cru region in Champagne and less than 200km from Paris, this charming 20-acre vineyard averages between 46 and 80 years old. The terroir is magnificent; with an enviable climate, well-drained soils on gentle slopes, and the secret ingredient: Just below the surface of the soil lies a bed of chalk composed of countless marine microorganisms. Without a doubt, these are wines full of life!

Jean-Roch says: “A successful harvest depends on perfect timing. It’s a matter of choosing just the right moment to start picking: the precise moment when there’s an ideal natural balance between the sugar and acidity in each different plot. Should we pick early in the morning, or perhaps at night?  What’s the perfect time to ensure that the grapes are still fresh and intensely aromatic and also have just the right amount of sugar to be pressed?” All this to ensure that every glass you drink of Champagne Louis Dousset achieves the same quality.

Tasting Notes: 50% Pinot Noir, 50% Chardonnay. Golden color with sustained and steady effervescence. On the nose delicate aromas of peony and jasmine, a fresh note of almonds, and the scent of fresh bread. On the palate, it has a good balance of freshness and body, soft effervescence on the tongue. Pair this wine with shellfish and a grilled fish.


Lively, youthful, and peach-scented wine with crisp red apple, strawberry, honey, and tangerine flavors, a supple mouse, and appley finish. ~90 Decanter

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