Adventures in Wine Introductory Offer Six Bottles 6 x 750ml

About the Offer

Welcome to Big Hammer Wines Introductory Offer
  • This item is available to new BHW customers only
  • Enjoy a 6pk of premium Red Wines
  • Our lowest price offer, EVER 
  • 60% Discount off of SRP

Bighammerwines.com is an online luxury wine store. You may have noticed, we don't sell wines under $10 per bottle. But, we are today!

This is a new offer to share our Adventures in Wine wine club with wine lovers. This is the premier wine club if you love variety and tasting wines of the world.

We source wines from all over and sometimes we come across incredible values. Many of our clients have said, "Hey, I know you have a lot of expensive, premium wines, but I'm looking for wines to drink casually on Tuesday night."

Here it is. This is our offer. You won't find us offering under $10/btl wines anywhere else. We want to share our expertise and grow our family of wine connected clients and this our special offer for you.

We currently only have 300 6pks available, so Just say "YES!"

When you purchase this initial offer, you will be subscribed to our Adventures in Wine club. The recurring rate is $199/month.

We understand if you need a break. Skip a month or cancel any time, no questions asked. Just modify your subscription in your account login or email us at sales@bhwines.com.

"I never knew what to buy while staring at the wall of wine in the grocery store. Then, I discovered Big Hammer, and I love the selections delivered to my door. Now, I buy all my wines from BHW." ~ Liz N. San Diego, CA

"I'll be honest, I mostly bought wine based on label and price. I had no idea you could get healthier wines that are lower in sugar and alcohol. I was once was lost. No longer now that I've found Bighammerwines.com." ~Niki D. Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I tried your intro offer and was very impressed. I've already signed up for the wine club and look forward to more interesting selections." Bobby M. Denver, CO

*The photo is representative of the wines included in this special offer. However, we reserve the right to make substitutions as needed. In order to keep our costs low on our already lowest prices anywhere, we choose a bespoke 6pk of red wines. If you really want some white wines and/or Rosé wines, you can let us know and if possible, we will accommodate your request.