BHW Real Wine Club


Curious to know more about what's actually in the wines you drink? The BHW Real Wine Club only sells wines that are chemical-free, low in sugar and lower in alcohol.

The BHW Real Wine club is for the wine enthusiast who wants the best wines at the best prices. We lab test and taste test all of these wines. Unlike many grocery store and other commoditized wines, these are unadulterated, honest wines from real people. The BHW Real Wine club is for wine lovers who demand product transparency and care about the types of products they are imbibing.

Only the best wines are selected for our club members.

We select wines that meet our stringent criteria:

  • Wines are lab tested to guarantee quality
  • Wines are not adulterated with dies, coloring agents, unnatural chemical agents, or anything else we wouldn't want in our bodies.
  • The wines have balanced alcohols (<14%)
  • Wines are low in sugar (< 2 g/L)
  • Wines are selected from small producers, often with limited availability
  • Wines have low sulfites (<75ppm)

Join our wine club. Stay for as long as you like. Cancel any time.

  • Choose from six or twelve bottles. Free shipping is included in the price.
  • Choose to receive a shipment every month. Or, every two months.