2016 Marco Donati 'Sangue di Drago' Teroldego Rotaliano

  • 94 Point Teroldego
  • Indigenous Italian Variety
  • "One of the Top Italian Wines to Cellar" ~L'Esspresso
  • Family Owned & Operated 
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About the Wine

The Teroldego Reserve “Sangue di Drago” (Dragon’s Blood) is cultivated exclusively from the historical vineyard in the Maso Donati, situated in the heart of the Rotaliana area. The old vineyard that was originally planted by Marco’s grandfather produces rich and balanced grapes. The Teroldego for the Donati family has always been a wine that's generated great attention. They've been growing it for five generations on the same farm, choosing only the best quality grapes. This is their best and most cared for wine. 

Above the Teroldego vineyards of the Rotaliana, a land devoted to viticulture, the walls of Mount Mezzocorona rise vertically and hanging on its cliffs the remnants of the impregnable S. Gottardo castle can still be seen. The legend says that in the caves of the hermitage there once lived, a powerful dragon, an implacable menace to the area and to its frightened inhabitants. And so it was that a young knight, Count Firmian, of the historical Mezzocorona family, had the courage to confront the basilisk on its own territory. One day, early in the morning, armed with a spear and sword, the brave knight climbed up the mountain and laid a bowl of milk and a mirror in front of the cave. The dragon had a weakness for milk and after smelling it, it came out in the open to drink it. To its surprise, he saw the mirror and looking at its own image felt a streak of vanity. The young knight took advantage of the circumstances and mortally wounded the dragon. The locals celebrated in triumph! The intrepid knight carried the unlucky dragon through the fair lands of Mezzocorona but….. a few drops of its blood fell on the Rotaliano soil. Teroldego was first cultivated from these dragon blood-stained soils. This is how the legendary origin of this indigenous variety is explained, and even today the local folk call this generous wine with an intense red-ruby color “Dragon’s Blood”.

Aging: 16 to 18 months in French oak barriques

Tasting Notes: 100% Teroldego. The wine is intense, black-fruit-driven, rich, and almost impenetrable. Hints of woodland fruit (raspberry, strawberry, bilberry) give way to a more developed aroma of blackberry, dry fruit, and spices. The palate is filled with ripe plum, dark fruits, chocolate, and mint. The structure is soft, and elegant, with refined tannins. 


~94 Luca Maroni

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