Big Hammer Wines vs Guaranteed Lowest Price Select Wines Sale Launched

Wine buyers’ needs are relatively simple. They want good wine at a fair price, an easy buying process, inexpensive shipping, and a guarantee. Most wine sellers tell potential customers they can fill those needs.

Big Hammer Wines challenges these retailers’ promises with the launch of the Guaranteed Lowest Price Select Wines Sale.

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Solving customer’s problems is the core mission of Big Hammer Wines, a fine wine online retailer. Problems faced by wine lovers include overpriced wine, mediocre wine, and too much choice. Most consumers have limited knowledge about wine, so they do not know how to find what they like.

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Greg Martellotto, the owner, explains, “We're welcoming savvy wine drinkers who have grown tired of insipid, mass-produced, monochromatic wines that are available at every grocery and liquor store across the country. These wines are distributed by the same half dozen or so distributors who operate an oligopoly in the middle tier.”

Big Hammer Wines excels at selling wine at $20 that stands up to wines double in price, besting what companies like offer. With targeted text and email alerts, customers are sure not to miss out on deals for the wines they love or want to try.

Most wines sold on have 90+ ratings, versus that carries many unrated wines. Because they trade only in fine wine, leaving lesser wine to the Big-Box players, wine lovers get better wine for their money.

Big Hammer Wines developed a unique selection system that weeds out inferior wines. Traveling the world tasting around 4,500 wines every year, they choose only 4% of what they taste.

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At every price-level, buyers receive exceptional quality; satisfaction guaranteed. If a customer dislikes a selection, the company will find a wine the customer prefers.

Big Hammer Wines advantage versus is its unusual business model. Owner Greg Martellotto explains, “We operate an online direct-to-consumer volume, direct import, and distribution model. This model allows us to lower costs by eliminating middlemen and reducing overhead.”

The company has no salespeople or offices, only warehouse space. The staff includes wine experts and professionals with decades of experience in every aspect of the wine business.

Retail only operators, such as, face limited opportunities to remove costs in the supply chain.

"We have a model similar to Costco Wholesale direct," says Greg. “By buying in volume and shipping direct to the consumer (DTC), we eliminate the middlemen.”

Big Hammer Wines does not trade in private label or white label wines, nor do they control branded wines selling at “suggested retail prices.” The company doesn’t pay for ratings or reviews.

Big-Box providers try to be all things to all people, providing thousands of different wines plus spirits and beer. Too much choice confuses and tires the consumer.

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So some competitors distract consumers by providing entertainment to supplement their products. Others extend “FREE” shipping for an annual fee. Selling the flash instead of the wine may attract potential customers, but wine lovers who value what wine brings to their lives want more.

No other company sells directly to the consumer better than Big Hammer Wines. The company encourages consumers to shop the Guaranteed Lowest Price Select Wines Sale and compare prices against other online retailers.

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The wine experts at Big Hammer Wines taste thousands of wines every year from around the globe, looking for quality and value. This special offer reflects the passion we have for our clients.

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