customer service equals delighting your customer in online wine retailer

Recently we received this comment from a delighted customer, “I really liked the wine. But the customer service was so excellent and so unique and unexpected, that I would buy from this company again.”

Another customer stated “Thank you for helping us find gems like this that would never pop up in our local stores.”

You can see how important customer service is from these reviews, that is why puts such an emphasis on its customer service, unlike many of its competitors.

For example, when you call, email, or text a company, you either get a bot or a poorly paid employee who just reads a prepared text.

It’s maddening.

In the wine business, customer relationships mean everything. When there are so many places and ways to shop for wine today, good customer service can make all the wine retail customer service basics

Customer Service Basics

Let’s define the basics of customer service for online retailers. At its core, customer service is about meeting customer needs and expectations.

1.  Customer Perspective

a.  you want to solve a problem/satisfy a need.
b.  finding what you want, order and pay for it should be easy and quick.
c.  delivery should be straightforward, fast, and reasonably priced.
d.  return and/or replacement policy needs to be clear.

2.  Company Perspective

a.  the consumer promise is everything
b.  companies must be able to deliver what they promise

For example, say something goes wrong or you change your mind. Options to resolve your issue may include chatting with a bot, sending an email, or waiting for “business hours” to call in.

Each of these can work to some extent but when they don’t, you want to talk to a real human being. Many companies today, especially large ones, make it hard to reach a real person. And finding someone who actually cares and wants to help seems nearly impossible.

Sometimes when you call, you reach a call center where they just read a policy script and don’t listen. You just want to be treated as a person and talk with someone who listens, understands, and helps solve any issues.

Advanced Customer Service - Delight Your Customer

1.  Work Beyond Customers Expectations

To offer really good customer service is to go beyond what customers expect. When a company exceeds your expectations, you’ll not only stay with them but will recommend the company to others.

It’s the old saying: under-promise and over-deliver, but today, it should say promise and over-deliver. Under-promising is never a good idea in today’s competitive market.

2.  Listen to Customers

Big Hammer Wines has learned that the most important thing a business can do is listen to feedback. When you write a message or call, you expect someone to respond, no matter the issue. Every interaction should be monitored.

Maybe you just want information, or you have a request or a complaint. You want someone to respond who will work to understand your issue and find a solution, not someone who will brush you off.

Exceptional customer service includes follow-up. Lack of follow-up is a warning sign. If you spend money, you deserve a response, a resolution, a thank you, or an apology. If you don’t hear back, there are other companies to turn to.

Customer Service Advocacy

  1. Customers should look for companies that are always thinking about how to serve them better. If it’s hard or unpleasant to do business with a company, you can take your business elsewhere.
  2. You want the company to build a relationship with you, to stay on top of what you order, what changes occur, and how you interact with the business. Look for a company that finds ways to get you what you want.
  3. Policies and systems need to be clear and understandable, so customers don’t get frustrated, confused, or upset.
  4. Because we all have bad days now and then, you want to work with a company that stays human above all and puts themselves on the other side of the transaction.
  5. When you have a problem, you don’t want to have to talk to three different people, escalating the issue. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. Employees should have the flexibility to make decisions.
  6. Employees must understand the importance of customer service. Everyone’s been a customer, so we all know how we want to be treated. One rude or inflexible employee can destroy a customer relationship.
  7. Look for companies that treat every interaction, even the negative ones, as opportunities to make their business more responsive and stronger.

Customer Service at Big Hammer Wines

Big Hammer Wines guarantees you'll be delighted with our customer service.

At Big Hammer Wines, you won’t ever talk with salespeople. You’ll deal with real people, professionals who are passionate about wine.customer service at online wine retailer big hammer wines

These experts are also passionate about customer service. They are never pushy and don’t talk down to you.

They want to share their knowledge and ensure you have a great experience. Their competitive advantage comes from you referring your friends.

Here’s what you can expect from this excellent customer service team:

  1. When a new customer places their first order, one of the wine experts calls the customer to check-in and make sure everything is satisfactory. This starts the relationship between the customer and the company.
  2. First-time or loyal customers are treated with small gifts of appreciation.
  3. When a customer makes an inquiry, they get a response within 24 hours, with no exceptions.
  4. If a customer issue can’t be resolved when using emails or texts (maximum three,) the customer gets a phone call.
  5. Customers receive immediate credit for any corked or flawed wine. Wine damaged during shipping is replaced or refunded.
  6. The company takes it as a personal challenge to find the perfect wine match for customers looking for a new wine or a replacement for an out-of-stock wine.
  7. The company helps with FedEx tracking and making sure customers receive their wine on time. They’ll help resolve any issues.
  8. “Delivering joy to our clients” happens through building relationships and sharing the passion for wine.

Big Hammer Wines encourages new and existing wine drinkers to experience expert customer service along with exciting wine.

Big Hammer Wines

The wine experts at Big Hammer Wines taste thousands of wines every year from around the globe, looking for quality and value. This special offer reflects the passion we have for our clients.

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