Director of Casa Madero, Americas Oldest Winery, Interview Premiers in January

A new, exclusive, and rare in-depth video interview in English offers an inside look into the life of Daniel Milmo, the Executive Director for Casa Madero Winery. Big Hammer Wines’ Greg Martellotto developed the video and has scheduled a release date of January 10, 2020.

Casa Madero has the distinction of being theoldest and most historic winery in the Americas. Located in the north-central state of Coahuila, it is roughly 140 miles west of Monterrey, and 270 miles southwest of Laredo, Texas. 

“I am deeply honored not only to have these amazingCasa Madero wines for sale, but to also spend time with such an extraordinary person as Daniel Milmo,” says Greg. “Daniel continues to build on a tremendous legacy, propelling Casa Madero into the future stronger than ever. May Casa Madero live on for another 400 years!”

Established in 1597 as a result of the Spanish conquest of Mexico, Jesuit missionaries established the first mission, Santa Maria de las Parras (grapes.) They discovered native grapevines among ample sources of water, planting vineyards to make wine for mass.

Casa Madero itself was established a few kilometers north as a direct result of a land grant from the Spanish King dated August 19th, 1597.

The Madero family, from which Daniel descends, purchased the land in 1893. His great, great, great-grandfather was the patriarch and entrepreneur, Evaristo Madero. Casa Madero remains a family business.

The video interview will reveal much more history, including family and political history. 

Baja California may garner the most attention when it comes to Mexican wine. 90% of Mexican wine is produced there. However, Casa Madero makes highly respected and highly in-demand wines. These wines are sold at fine restaurants and wine purveyors around the world.

The interview contains lots of interesting tidbits, including a curious story about a Mexican airline. It also includes a wide-ranging discussion of many wine-related topics. These include vineyard practices, winemaking, future expansion plans, options for tourism, and more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the Mexican wine industry and Casa Madero. Watch the video on January 26.

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