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Online flash sale wine sites multiplied in recent years, with companies like WTSO and Last Bottle leading the way. One site is even called Flash Sale Wines.
flash sale wine online
While there are many players in the market, consumers can benefit from new entrants offering something different.

Premium online DTC retailer Big Hammer Wines announces the launch of “Final Hammer.” The Final Hammer program delivers what other sites don’t: quality wines, professionally tasted and verified, and sold at deeply discounted prices no other site can match.

Learn more at https://www.BigHammerWines.com/pages/FinalHammer
flash sale wine final hammer
Big Hammer Wines’ owner Greg Martellotto, a highly regarded wine expert, excites his customers with this new offering.

“We’ve watched these sites grow their consumer base but not without controversy. Because we believe in transparency and trust, we took time to develop our program so we could provide maximum benefit for our clients. We only offer wines that pass our strict standards. We personally taste every wine we sell, then offer the lowest price in the market.”

Big Hammer Wines can deliver unrivaled quality and value because of its unique business model. By cutting out the middlemen, going directly to producers, and tasting every single wine, the company ensures clients a superior experience.

Greg continues, “over the past year, we have been able to work with small producers of singular wine to bring their wine to the market and joy to our clients. It’s never been a better time to be a wine lover, but consumers should be wary of sites offering bargain bottles.”

Final Hammer wines sell at significant discounts to typical retail pricing and to the company’s already low prices. Free shipping sweetens the deal when customers order a minimum six bottles of the wines on offer.
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With its location in Southern California, Big Hammer Wines is well-placed to bring clients the best of California wine. The company also carries significant inventories of Bordeaux wines because of their expertise and connections there. They take stock of all wine in their warehouse to manage inventory and provide excellent customer service.

Daily offers include three wines, most rated 90+ or taste like they are. When wines sell out, additional wines are posted. Because the program is new, Big Hammer has yet to feature a “marathon” day. More to come on this feature.

Sign-up is free, and upon sign-up, buyers receive deal notifications via email. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

For more information about Big Hammer Wines Final Hammer program or to place an order, contact:

ABOUT Big Hammer Wines

Since its launch in 2009, Big Hammer Wines has been committed to sourcing wines of exceptional quality and value at every price point, from the U.S. and around the world.

With an impressive direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales model, Big Hammer uses technology to integrate and improve the wine distribution channel, resulting in more favorable pricing.

Inc. Magazine has recognized Big Hammer Wines as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

Big Hammer Wines

The wine experts at Big Hammer Wines taste thousands of wines every year from around the globe, looking for quality and value. This special offer reflects the passion we have for our clients.

Discover the world through its wines, Click Here! Visit Bighammerwines.com and become a wine expert!

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