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Keto diets, paleo diets, vegetarian and vegan diets, and even Atkins diets. These are all part of the undeniable rise of food tribes! The hunt for better human health continues but with a new focus on mindful eating over the long term.

Today’s food tribe diets, from intermittent fasting to vegan, all seem to agree about reducing sugar and carbohydrates (except those from vegetables) in their diets. 

When as much as 30% of the population practices different versions of these diets, how does one choose the right wine club?

Wine clubs proliferate around the country, but do any exist that meet the needs of these critical consumers?

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What is Keto Diet Friendly Wine?

The best wine clubs offer great wines at great prices for you to enjoy at home. 

But which wine clubs have experts who actively choose wines with healthier properties, such asketo and paleo diet friendly wines

First, let’s define a low-carb, low-sugar diet-friendly wine.

Low-carb and low-sugar wines have no added sugars. They are vinified entirely or almost entirely dry. Because carbohydrates come from sugars,low sugar wines are also low carb. This is particularly important for people who are interested to remain in ketosis.

Additional factors contributing to cleaner wines for people who are concerned about what they ingest include:

  • using organic or biodynamic grapes and processes
  • made without industrial or chemical additives
  • lower in alcohol
  • lab-tested for purity

Wines not fined (processed) with egg whites or isinglass (fish bladder derivative) are important to vegan wine drinkers.

An area of confusion exists around using the word ‘natural’ in wine. Everyone seems to have a different definition. 

The words unprocessed, unadulterated, or traditional are more useful. These words better describe wines made in ways that leave a lesser impact on the human body.

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Drink Wine with a Keto Diet Like Minded Community

Today’s health-oriented communities want to eat and drink whole foods, real foods, foods directly from nature. 

Wine being an organic product, it changes over time, as a natural product does.

However, some modern practices are used to create predictability in an inherently unpredictable process. 

Some companies artificially manipulate wine to highlight one facet or another or to maintain consistency over time. Other practices seek to increase yields with chemical additives in the vineyard so they have more wine to sell.

But these practices can be detrimental to our health. 

Sharing wine with healthier properties elevates our experiences without negative consequences.

Drinking wines low in alcohol, sugar, and sulfites, and clear of artificial ingredients is a more responsible way to drink. 

A few reasons food tribes like these types of wines:

  • They like wine and want it in their lives.

  • It won’t kick them out of ketosis.

  • It doesn’t give them a headache from excess sulfites.

  • They don’t want to feel ill effects after drinking.

  • It helps them keep to their diet with low or no sugar.

  • Lower alcohol levels help them stay sober.

  • They desire to drink something clean, pure and alive with their food.

Companies focused on providing healthier alternatives also typically support small family farm producers and local communities. Buying these wines helps them preserve their traditions and environments.

keto diet wine club

The BHW Real Wine Club:   The Wine Club for your Tribe

Many wine clubs offer good wines at good prices. Because we are a direct importer, we eliminate the middleman, significantly lowering our costs. We pass on savings to our customers through our Direct to Consumer online sales model.

But that’s not all. Unlike other wine clubs, we seek out wines having lower environmental and health impacts.

Our goal is to offer only the highest quality unprocessed wines from small, sustainable family farms meeting strict standards.

We taste test and lab test every wine we sell. We choose unadulterated, honest wines crafted by people who care. These winegrowers and winemakers are committed to healthier farming practices and production methods.

When you join our wine club, you receive unprocessed and unadulteratedreal wine. Nothing added, nothing removed. 

We promote transparency in wine, so consumers know what they are buying.

Our stringent criteria:

  • Low Sugars (< 2g/L) and Carbohydrates 

  • Low Sulfites (< 75ppm) - only used for stabilization

  • Low Alcohol (< 13.5%) - verifiable and accurate

  • No Industrial or Chemical Additives 

  • No Artificial processes to adjust for sugar, acid or alcohol levels

  • Gluten-free 

We choose wine produced with sustainable, organic, or biodynamically farmed methods on small family farms with indigenous yeasts.

And they taste absolutely pure and delicious.

We are rigorous in quantifying and analyzing every wine for health impacts and pure enjoyment. 

We want to share our knowledge about the pleasures of wine and how wine can fit into a healthy living lifestyle.

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The BHW Real Wine Club is Customizable for Your Needs

Some additional benefits of ourketo diet and paleo diet friendly wine club include:

  • Free shipping

  • A wide variety of options

  • Many wines rated over 90+

  • Customizable based on your preferences

  • Quality and Taste Guarantee

  • No hidden anything (including fees) 

  • No long-term commitment - Cancel anytime

  • 24/7 easy ordering on our website

  • Clear terms of service

  • Premium wines at significant discounts through our DTC sales model

  • A great wine club community

Enjoy intriguing wines that are compelling expressions of the land, and that meet your criteria.

The message is clear. Don’t choose any wine club offering the best wines at the best prices. Choose BHW Real Wine Club. Our wine club shares your values.

Contact BHW Real Wine Club today and drink more interesting, and better wine!

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