Wine & Cheese Pairings, Chosen by Our Team of Wine Experts

In spirit of National Wine & Cheese day, we asked our wine experts what their favorite wine and cheese pairings were.

Celebrate this amazing duo and stock up on these wines chosen by our experts. Check out these pairings specially designed by our wine experts so that you can enjoy your favorite wines from Big Hammer Wines with extraordinary cheeses. 

Wine and Cheese With Big Hammer Wines

2017 Martellotto "Le Bon Temps Roule" Pinot Noir Sta. Rita Hills Central Coast & Gruyere

For a wine that is usually delicate and elegant, an excellent recommendation is to pair it with a Gruyere cheese. You can put a slice on an artisan baguette, some cold cuts and voilà!

2018 Zenas Primitivo Puglia IGT & Pecorino

This delicious Primitivo is the perfect pairing for classic Italian food. Pair it with some ravioli au gratin with Pecorino cheese and you will immediately be transported to this wonderful country.

2018 Jacob Heims Old Vines Riesling Kabinett Mosel Germany & Gouda

This Riesling is a wonder to drink! We recommend pairing it with a neutral cheese so that the wine the wine can be the protagonist and the cheese accentuates its flavors. Try it with Gouda cheese and some olives.

2009 Chateau Roc de Candale St. Emilion Grand Cru & Brie

If you want to fully enjoy this classic and delicious Bordeaux wine, you can prepare this simple pairing: In a slice of a baguette, add a slice of brie cheese and a bit of artisan strawberry jam. It is glorious!

De Saint Gall 'Le Selection' Champagne NV & Edam

Champagne is the best wildcard for pairings, we all know that it goes well with almost any dish. In this occasion, we recommend you pair this bubbly pleasure with an Edam cheese and some fresh red berries. 

2018 Domaine de Carteyron Cuvee Malyse Cotes de Provence & Goat Cheese

Thanks to the acidity and fruitiness of this rosé wine, it pairs wonderful with a creamy goat cheese, you can add some blueberries and the combination will be beautifully harmonized!

Quinta da Devesa 10 Years Tawny Port & Gorgonzola

One of the great joys in life is finding an explosive pairing. Port & Gorgonzola is the perfect definition of that! The strong flavor of the cheese added to the power and sweetness of the Port becomes a complete (and wonderful) explosion of flavors in the mouth!

2020 Safràn Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie & Ricotta

This wine is Summer! And therefore, your pairing should be something fresh that you crave for those hot evenings. Make a salad with ricotta cheese to pair with this delicious and fresh Pinot Grigio!

2018 Mazzei Ser Lapo Chianti Classico Riserva & Parmesano

Imagine a delicious Bolognese pasta, with a generous top of Parmesan cheese and a Chianti Classico Riserva in the glass. The perfect pairing!

2018 Martellotto "Melodeon" Chardonnay Spear Vnyd Sta. Rita Hills & Camembert

This wine pairs beautifully with creamy cheeses such as Camembert. You can prepare it  the following way: On a slice of toasted bread , add slice of Camembert cheese and a drop of honey. Glorious!

2013 Corona de Aragon Special Selection Spain & Manchego

What goes together grows together, and that is why, one of the best options for a classic Spanish red is a classic Manchego.

Oriol Rossell Cava Brut Nature & Cheddar

This Cava Brut will enhance the spicy characteristics of a Cheddar cheese. An excellent pairing!

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