How to Sell My Wine Collection for More Money | (619) 567-9244 | Want to Sell Your Wine Collection? Find Out How Wine Collectors Sell for More Money


This is Greg at I am here to talk to you about Wine Evaluation and the services that we provide. Big Hammer Wines is a trader of Private Cellar Wine Collections. We will buy your wine from your wine collection, and we also sell and trade wines from other private collections that we verify the provenance and quality of.

You may be a person, like some of our clients, who has transitioned from a Bordeaux drinker to a Burgundy drinker. Maybe you were a Napa Cab drinker and now you are more of an Italian wine drinker. Maybe you just no longer like red wines and you are a white wine drinker and you have a bunch of wine you would like to liquidate.

Well, as you may know, it's illegal to sell wine directly and we offer licensing opportunities to buy that wine directly from you and give you money for it. If you would like to monetize your wine collection contact us today.

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