99 Points for 3 Years in a Row: 2020 Guerrieri Montepulciano Blend 'Guerriero della Terra'

Guess what? Our favorite Montepulciano is BACK, and just in time to make your Holidays even more exciting! 

Here are three reasons why you can't miss out on the 2020 Guerrieri Montepulciano Blend 'Guerriero della Terra':

➡️It's a Triple Threat: The 2020 vintage has once again earned an impressive 99 points from the renowned Italian wine critic, Luca Maroni. This marks the third consecutive year of recognition! Maroni calls it, "One of the best Italian wines. A wine that becomes a sensual experience."

➡️Blink and It's Gone: It NEVER lasts in stock… Literally. It's evident that you love this wine as much as Luca Maroni and ourselves. Every time we manage to replenish our stock, it's gone before we can blink. We're bombarded with inquiries like, "When will you have it back?" Well, the moment has arrived, so we'd strongly recommend stocking up on it FAAAAST!

➡️The Ultimate Holiday Sidekick: Whether you're feasting on succulent prime rib, savoring cranberry-glazed pork tenderloin, indulging in savory stuffing, or enjoying sweet potato casserole, charcuterie, or decadent chocolate desserts, this wine has you covered. The rich and bold notes will elevate every Holiday moment.

In case you haven’t experienced enough Montepulciano - Sangiovese blends to be familiar with it, here’s a good connection to make: We've found people who love Napa Valley Cabernet also love Montepulciano. 

Why you may ask? It’s because both are full of lush blueberry and blackberry fruit, mocha, and when you add some French oak, the wines are near twins –except for the price. The central Italian stallion is a bargain by comparison. This same wine with a Napa Valley AVA on it would easily sell for $150+.

If you love top rated Napa Cabs and are accustomed to ponying up $100+ for a good bottle, you might want to sit down before reading the next paragraph:

This 99 point Italian red, a wine that Maroni called “one of the best Italian wines”.

2016 Whitehall Lane Leonardini Estate Cabernet Sauvignon