De Faveri Brut Prosecco Treviso NV

  • “One of the Hottest Wine Categories” ~James Suckling
  • From the Garden of Venice to Your Glass
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  • Perfect Aperitif
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About the Wine

Prosecco is one of the hottest wine categories in the world at the moment. Maybe it’s the reasonable price compared to Champagne or other sparkling wines. Or maybe it’s the light, fresh style of Italy’s popular spumante? Whatever, Prosecco can be wonderful, especially as an aperitif.” ~ James Suckling.

De Faveri is located in the Veneto region, - or like wine critic Jancis Robinson once named it "Italy's wine factory" - in the province of Treviso also known as "The garden of Venice." 

The vineyards of the De Faveri winery are located in hills that are protected by the Dolomites mountains. The location couldn’t be more perfect, with amazing soils composed of clay loam, that are rich in minerals, combined with a refreshing breeze, influenced by its proximity to the Adriatic sea, making this region the perfect place to produce a unique and elegant Prosecco. 

De Faveri winery is a family-owned estate that was founded more than 44 years ago by Lucio and Mirella De Faveri. Their vineyards, composed of 51 acres, are located in some of the best regions of Prosecco like Valdobbiadene, Vidor, and Farra di Soligo.

The Faveri family takes care of every minimal aspect of the vineyard and the cellar. They do a careful selection of grapes and pay special attention during the vinification process. The result is a high-quality Prosecco that perfectly expresses its extraordinary terroir.

Tasting Notes: 100% Glera. This Prosecco was obtained from grapes selected from the highest slopes. A sparkling wine with great elegance and fine bubbles. Very pleasant with strong typically fruity notes. It has a dry and elegant taste, which persists in the mouth. This Prosecco is the perfect aperitif, and it pairs beautifully with fish, fresh and medium-aged cheeses, and light vegetable-based first courses.



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