2020 Montalbera La Tradizione Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato Piedmont

  • 97 Point Ruche
  • Ancient Indigenous Italian Variety
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  • Family Owned & Operated
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About the Wine

If you want to know the secret to a long, happy life in NW Italy, it would likely involve lots of pasta, cheese, ragu, and possibly, this wine.

If you're just now hearing about the native Piedmontese variety, Ruchè it's because Ruchè is a native Italian grape produced in tiny amounts. Ruchè has found a home in the Piedmont region as a unique, local varietal. The variety has been a local secret rarely gracing tables outside of Italy and most often enjoyed by locals in Castagnole Monferrato for festivals and special occasions. Enjoy your holiday season like those in Castagnole and celebrate with a bottle of 97-point Ruchè!

For generations, the Morando family has believed and invested in Piedmontese viticulture. For years, they have passionately dedicated themselves to the development of Ruchè. Because of their ongoing commitment, today Montalbera arises as one of the great wineries of Piedmont and is the largest producer of Ruchè.

Rigor and planning. Interpretation and terroir. Winemaker Franco Morando’s expression of estate-grown Ruche grapes showcases the fruit’s tantalizing qualities in a thrilling, sumptuous package of darted acidity and come-hither smoothness. Intense aromas of wild berries and jam segue to a medium-bodied waltz of blackberry, and black pepper, leading to a velvety finish.

If you are an Italian wine lover or just an arm-chair traveling oenophile, this is a must-have wine.

Tasting Notes: 100% Ruche. Bright red with violet reflections in youth, tending to garnet with aging. Intense, persistent, aromatic, fruity, with typical hints of rose and violet petals in the early years. Evolution on spicy notes over time. Warm on the palate, harmonious, full-bodied, and balanced with a light tannic component.


~97 Luca Gardini, The Wine Killer

~95 Luca Maroni, I Migliori Vini Italiani

***Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles of This Wine***