1995 Ramos Pinto Vintage Port

  • 50+ Years Aging Capacity 
  • Portuguese Pioneer Winery 
  • Vintage From Exceptional Year 
  • Perfect Sweet Wine 
  • Free Shipping in 6 or More Bottles 

About the Wine

Have you ever wanted to travel to one of the most magical regions in the world of wine, taste the sweetness of the land of Douro, and dive into the Portuguese culture? Then this wine is for you!Every sip you take will confirm the wonders that Portugal has to offer!

Innovators, pioneers & visionaries are some of the adjectives with which we can begin to describe Ramos Pinto. Ramos Pinto was founded by Adriano Ramos Pinto in 1880,a young artist who studied at the Portuense Artistic Center. He took advantage of his passion and artistic knowledge and translated it into the image of the winery. The Winery also owns a Museum called Casa Adriano Ramos Pinto. The current owner of this family project is Jorge Rosas, who worked in the wine industry in countries like France, Belgium, and the UK.

From the beginning of the 20th century, Ramos Pinto became responsible for half of the wine exported to South America. Ramos Pinto is a quality reference in Portugal and throughout Europe. Adriano was completely in love with his region and believed that it had excellent potential to produce premium quality wines. And we can agree he was correct! His vision and his quest for excellence led him to do a series of meticulous investigations of the area's terroir. He acquired other estates that shared similar characteristics in terroir. Currently Ramos Pinto has four different estates: Bom Retiro, Urtiga, Bons Ares, and Ervamoira.

1995 Ramos Pinto Vintage Port isOpaque, thick, intensely red, vigorous, jovial, sanguine, the lifeblood of the Douro! A diamond to be polished by time in the comfort of the bottle.  A wine from one single harvest, representative of the growth cycle of one single exceptional year.

After two years of refinement in wood, it is then bottled with an expected long life of 50 to 100 years.

A wine for special occasions, for commemorations and parties. 

After it is taken out of the wine cellar, it should be placed upright for a few hours to allow for the sediments to settle at the bottom. Two to four hours before being served it should be decanted to separate out the deposits and to allow the wine to breathe so that it can be served in all its splendor. At the end of the party, by candlelight, with pine kernels, walnuts, and cheese, the moments it creates are unique.

Tasting Notes: 45% Touriga Nacional, 40% Tinta Franca, 15% Tinta Barroca. Deep and wonderful purple color. On the palate, it is intense, lively, and pepper with some notes of cedar and cinnamon. Smooth and silky and when the glass is shacked, flavors like blackcurrant, red currant and clove appear and show nice floral aromas. In the mouth, the beginning is strong and voluminous. Dense and fine tannins gave a good structure and an excellent constitution. The perfect pairing for this wine with strong aged cheese like Gorgonzola.


Dark ruby-garnet, violet reflections, subtle edge shine. Ripe plums, berries, a touch of apricot jam. Juicy, strawberry notes, structured with finesse, ripe tannins, shows good length. ~92 Falstaff

Savoury, herbal nose with a balsamic edge to the fruit. Quite savory and tight; not overly sweet with good structure. Nice concentration and spicy structure on the palate. Needs time. Very good/excellent ~90 Jamie Goode 

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