2019 Scarbolo 'My Time' Bianco

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  • 91 Point Vintage, Wine Advocate
  • “The Promised Land” for Italy’s Fine White Wine
  • A meditation wine
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About the Wine

White wines from Friuli are one of a kind, Decanter said, “Friuli-Venezia Giulia is hailed as "the promised land" for Italy’s burgeoning fine white wine scene.” And Wine Folly calls this region an “Italian White Wine Heaven.”

Wine enthusiasts who are unfamiliar with the wines of Friuli are missing out on some of the most striking and delicious wines in all of Italy. The Bordeaux varietal wines and blends stand tall next to their French counterparts. The white wines of Friuli represent some of the best white wines in the world and at stunning value.

Scarbolo winery was founded by Gino Scarbolo. At an early age, Gino, who was born into a family of farmers, was bitten by the wine bug and started producing small batches of wine on the family’s farm.

Years later, he moved to Lauzacco with his family, where he purchased his first parcels, planted some vines, and started producing wine in bulk. Gino’s son, Valter, who grew up between vines and wines, learned the business and decided to take a step further into his expertise, and in 1982, he started his studies in viticulture and winemaking. This was a touring point into this family-owned business. What started with bulk wine, is today recognized as one of the most emblematic estates of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Today, the winery is led by Valter y Maria Grazia. The 70-acre vineyard is managed under what they like to call “logic viticulture” which means choosing vineyard managing procedures that diminish intervening in the life of the vine to the minimum.” Their son and daughter are also now involved in the family business, involved with updating labels and handling exports.

The vineyard is placed in an outstanding location, with the Alps to the north, the Adriatic sea to the south, and the Friulian Plain to the west. The result is a blessed terroir that delivers “gracefully contoured, elegant wines.”

Of the My Time white blend, Valter says it is "An ode to a slower pace of life and to the art of patiently waiting, just as its grapes do, for just outcomes savored with a wholesome consciousness and appreciation." This wine is only produced in special vintages, as the peak ripeness of all three white varieties must coalesce perfectly. My Time is a wine that pays respect to Mother Nature, who operates on her own time. This wine defers to the hands of the vines’ rhythm, and is dedicated to the wisdom of Nature by which we are inspired every day.

Aging: The wine matures in the fermentation barrels for 30 months, laying on the noble lees for the first eight months.

Tasting Notes: 40% Chardonnay, 30% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Friulano cofermented. Notes of nectarine, lychee, white currant, citrus, dates, and chamomile flowers. Notes of grapefruit, kiwi, pastry cream, and hints of hazelnut. Pair this wine with raw seafood and shellfish, risotto dishes, and aged soft and semi-firm cheeses.



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