This incredibly beautiful place located in Tuscany holds some of the world’s greatest red wines.

Terre Nere means “Black Land.” The name was given thanks to the black soil where the vineyard is located. This is due to due to the proximity of the Amiata, an extinct volcano, that gives each of Terre Nere’s wines a unique personality.

Taste the magic of Colle Nero by Terre Nere.

The story of Terre Nere started when Salvatore Vallone (an experienced agriculture who was working in Palermo,) and his wife Vincenza, decided to move to beautiful Tuscany. Here, they started to raise cattle, made cheese, and produced oil and vino di Tavola.

Salvatore passed on his passion for agriculture to his son Pasquale. And even though, Pasquale had a successful career as a banker, it was his love for the land that determined his future.

In 1996, Pasquale purchased 37 acres of land. And with the help of his wife and kids, they started planting their very first vines. Little did this family know that the winery which started as a weekend hobby was soon to become a flagship estate in the Montalcino region.

The 24-acre vineyard is mostly planted with Montalcino’s great queen, Sangiovese, and a small percentage with Cabernet Sauvignon. The vineyard is placed in a beautiful region, with exquisite beauty, surrounded by virgin forests. Soils composed of Galestro, and clay loam.

The wines at Terre Nere are artisanally crafted. They take care of every minimum aspect, from the vineyard to the cellar. The winemaking team is led by winemaker Niccolo since 2018. Niccolo works with Francesca and Federico, Pasquale’s sons, to create these amazing gems.

Consultants Giuseppe Gorelli and agronomist Federico Becarelli have been helping with the biodynamic and sustainable conversion. Both the vineyard and wines are organic certified.

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The Reviews Are In! Our customers will never go back to buying wines in grocery stores.

The Reviews Are In! Our customers will never go back to buying wines in grocery stores.

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