Calling All San Diego (and surroundings) Wine Lovers!

Are you ready for a week-long celebration like no other at the Del Mar Wine + Food Festival?

Top chefs, amazing winemakers, exciting activities (like a beach cleanup with Rob Machado, celebrity pickleball with Drew Brees, and a special mezcal dinner hosted by Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston) & much more…

Join us at Del Mar Fest, ang get ready to dive into a full day of sensational wine tasting. Discover new, exclusive and exciting wines alongside your timeless favorites.

Time to uncork the fun and dive into a weekend of wine with Big Hammer Wines and Del Mar Fest. Don't miss out!

Join us for Adventures in Wine on September 9-10, 2023 , San Diego, CA.

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Join us for Adventures in Wine...

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Get free shipping on 6 or more bottles!

Get free shipping on 6 or more bottles!

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