Dear Potential Wine Influencer and Affiliate,

Do you and your audience love wine?

If so, Big Hammer Wines has developed a program that will “Wow” you.

Big Hammer Wines has been selling wine online since 2009. Our vertically integrated model means that we are able to source and ship wine direct to consumers in most states. We pack and ship out of our own warehouse in San Diego, CA.

Our most popular products for affiliates are our mixed case wine club. We offer three options:

All are 12x750ml bottle cases are $159.99 including FREE delivery.

Purchasing a case of wine converts to a subscription once a month or every two months.

These cases of wines represent our best deal. Big Hammer Wines is a luxury online wine store. We don’t typically sell bottles of wine at $13.33 a bottle. In fact, our average price per bottle sold is over $35/btl.

So, this is an incredible deal for folks who are new to wine or new to Big Hammer Wines and just want to check us out.

We offer a 10% commission on sales not including tax, freight and fulfillment costs.

Ready to sign up? Click here to join our Affiliate Program.

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Join us for Adventures in Wine...

We scour the earth to deliver the best value wines to your doorstep. From new favorites to timeless icons, we have pulled together the essential bottles for your well-stocked and versatile cellar.

Get luxury delivered. 

***Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles***

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Why Shop With

Why Shop With

Like you, we love wine. 
Not just any old wine, the uncommonly good kind. It's our mission to scour the earth to find great wines and deliver them to you. Are you tired of seeing the same wines at grocery stores? If so, we want to guide you wine greatness. Experience the true world of wine with us. 
When we find wines that brighten our day and bring a smile to our faces, we're inspired to share them, because sharing is what wine is about for us. Delivering joy to our clients is the most satisfying part of our job.

  • We only trade in fine wine. Of 4,500 wines we taste each year, only 4% will make the grade. 
  • We don't buy private label, white label, or control branded wines and make up suggested retail prices (SRPs).
  • We cut out the middleman so you get the best price.
Get free shipping on 6 or more bottles!

Get free shipping on 6 or more bottles!

We find outstanding wines that represent exceptional quality and value, at every price point.

We believe inside every bottle is an adventure waiting to be taken. Shop Wine and get luxury delivered.

We want to change the way you drink!


Want to know how we do what we do? Watch this video to learn more.

We guarantee you'll be delighted with our selections. If you're displeased, contact us and we'll make it right.

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