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Thank you for your recent inquiry to ask for a wine donation for your charitable group. This letter explains some of the ways we work with organizations like yours.

About us:
Bighammerwines.com is a direct to consumer online website that earned recognition from Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in 2018 and 2019. Many of our wines are rated 90+ by wine experts and critics. We do our own direct distribution. This means that we can deliver direct to your venue and we can sell to you as an individual or your group, even if you are not a licensed reseller of alcohol. We also own a winery, Martellotto.com and operate an import/distribution company called One Vine Wines. Therefore, we have a global portfolio of wines (and some liquor) available to offer.

Here are some ways we’ve worked with charitable groups in the past:

We are able to offer wines from our winery and from our import portfolio at wholesale cost and deliver the wine to your office or venue in exchange for a marketing benefit. For specific events with a unique and high profile marketing benefit, we are able to donate wine to support your event. Sometimes, we offer a combination of the above options and sell some wine to your event at cost and donate some wine.

For large organizations with email lists of more than 50,000 members, we can discuss special programs that include:

- Special Email offers: We create a special landing page in partnership with our online retail store Bighammerwines.com. You email your list the link, which is only available to your list. A portion of every purchase of the products through that landing page will be donated back to your organization.

- A private label wine through our Agent for Change branded wines. We consider this our adult Girl Scout cookie model. We make the wine and a percentage of every bottle sold will be donated to your organization. This typically involves purchasing the wine in advance.

- Wine Club: We source and fulfill wines via a monthly subscription. A portion of every sale is donated to your organization.

Here are some things we need to know before we can make a decision to support your event:

- What does your charitable group do to help others?
- Does your charity publish an online annual report?
- Do you have a charity navigator link?
- What is the date of your event?
- What is your budget?
- How many people?
- Is this a day or evening or formal dinner event?
- Is there a full bar? Or, just beer and wine?
- Will we be the exclusive wine, beer, or liquor supplier? If not, provide information about the other companies.
- How large is your email marketing list?
- What is the marketing benefit you are offering us?

To better understand the type of marketing benefits we look for, here are some considerations:

Marketing Benefit Prior to the event:
- Include our logo (REQUIRED to embed hyperlink) on your website and in your marketing/collateral materials.
- Tag us on social media:

Martellotto Winery @martellottowines on FB and IG

Bighammerwines.com @bhwines on FB and @bighammerwines on IG

- Alert attendees of our sponsorship via email (include logo with embedded hyperlink with discount code for your audience)

- Prepare signage and/or handouts at the event (Depending on the event, we may create the collateral and discuss how it will be distributed)

Marketing Benefit During the event:
- Is there an opportunity for Greg Martellotto to speak to attendees?
- Pass out our business cards at bar station and/or on table
- Include our collateral marketing materials in a take-home gift bag
- Include special offers to encourage event-only discounts at our websites
- Will there be an on-site representative from our company? If not, who will be responsible for acknowledging our support?
- How will marketing materials be distributed? Who will be responsible?
- Will there be a verbal shout out to recognize our support by the emcee?

Marketing Benefit After the event:
- Will you share the attendee email list?
- Will you send out a follow up thank you email? If so, will we be able to include a special offer for attendees with a hyperlink to buy our wine?
- Will you be able to provide quality photo and/or video content for our marketing?

Important: Please make sure someone is responsible to communicate the benefits and outcome of your event so that we can measure impact and utilize this information for our marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much do the wines cost that you are offering?
A: Cost for most of the wines that we offer to non-profits range from $4-12/btl. Please note that this is usually our cost to produce or import the wines. These same wines retail in stores for $15-40/btl. We only ship full cases of wine.

Q: Do you take wine back that we don’t use at the event?
A: No, we are unable to accept returns.

Q: Can you deliver direct to our venue?
A: In most cases, yes. We require a contact person who is available to sign for the delivery. Remember, wine needs to be stored properly in an area that is cooler than 70 degrees.

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Yes, we can take credit cards, paypal, venmo, and bank transfer. Unless you are a licensed reseller set up with credit terms, all payments must be made in advance of shipment per CA law.

Q: Our event is at a hotel or restaurant. Do we have to pay a corkage fee?
A: This depends. The corkage fee varies by hotel policy. This is very commonly negotiated with the hotel in advance. Most hotels want to host your event. The best way for you to lock in a no-fee corkage policy for your event is to have it written into your contract before you agree to host the event at the hotel.

It’s important to understand that we are able to provide wines at cost or at wholesale pricing, since we are a producer and direct importer and distributor. As an example, if the hotel wants to charge you $30 for their entry level wine, this is typically equivalent to a $4-6 bottle retail cost. Therefore, it is in your interest to buy from a supplier such as Martellotto. Even if you paid us $10/btl and the hotel charged you $15/btl corkage, you would be serving a wine with a $25 retail value for only $25 combined cost. That same bottle would cost $50 or more if sold by the hotel based on their standard markup.

Q: Do you break cases or ship bottles?
A: No. We generally ship wines in 12x750ml bottle cases. Exceptions would be more expensive wines or champagne.

Q: How do you ship the wine to us?
A: We generally use UPS or GSO. An adult signature is required for delivery. In Southern California, we also have our own local drivers.

We look forward to partnering with you to make your event special.

Greg Martellotto, President

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