Big Hammer Wines Sourcing Values

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Who We Are

BigHammerWines.com is an online wine retailer based in California that operates a unique direct import and distribution company.

By eliminating the middleman, you pay less. One of our founders is a winemaker who is trained to identify wine flaws and greatness in a unique way. With over 20 years of experience in all facets of the wine business, we've done it all.

Today, we're leveraging our expertise to bring the best wines to you.

Sourcing Values

Big Hammer Wines only trades in fine wine. We work closely with the world’s best producers, négociant, importers, and wholesalers to bring you the highest-quality wines from around the world. Whether in stock or on pre-arrival, we can guarantee condition and quality.

Of 4,500 wines we taste each year, only 4% will make the grade. We then professionally inspect each and every bottle upon arrival to our warehouse rigorously. Big Hammer Wines imports and distributes new releases, special collections, and rare releases of wine sourced from around the globe.

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Your Guide to Buying and Drinking Real Wine

The world of wine is being inundated with organic wine trends, but the fact is that there is a lot of misinformation about organic wines, organic grapes, and natural wines, which includes misinformation as to which wines qualify as organic wines.

If Big Hammer Wines can educate wine lovers through our extensive research and sourcing values rather than just pushing it because it is trending, then wine drinkers would understand how the organic and sustainable movement is both enhancing the wine industry and paving the way for a sustainable future... which is something we should all care about. 

Sourcing Values

There’s a lot of confusion about what sustainable, organic, and biodynamic wines are. They often get mixed up and are used interchangeably, but they actually mean very different things.

We do not advertise wine as sustainable, organic, vegan, vegetarian, keto or biodynamic unless they meet the requirements and certifications.

Big Hammer Wines strives to get our customers what they want while working to be an advocate for our consumers health, environment and diet restrictions. 

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