2018 Montalbera L'accento Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato

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  • 99pt Luca Maroni Piedmontese Wonder
  • Annual 98/99pt Rating Since 2007
  • "Clearly one of the best Italian red wines...masterpiece"
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About The Wine

If you're just now hearing about the native Piedmontese variety, Ruchè it's because Ruchè is one of the smallest produced native Italian wines. Ruchè has found a home in the Piedmont region as a unique, local varietal. The variety has been a local Piedmontese secret rarely gracing tables outside of Italy and most often enjoyed by locals in Castagnole Monferrato for festivals and special occasions. Enjoy your holiday season like those in Castagnole and celebrate with a bottle of 99 point Ruchè!

For generations, the Morando family has believed and invested in Piedmontese viticulture. For years, they have passionately dedicated themselves to the development of the native variety Ruchè. Because of their ongoing commitment, today Montalbera arises as one of the great wineries of Piedmont and is the largest producer of Ruchè.

Rigor and planning. Interpretation and terroir. These are the basics for Montalbera’s productive philosophy. They are ideals that put the fruit of the wine at the center of everything, and in doing so exalt the uniqueness of the vineyards. Each wine is interpreted in different ways to best develop the multifaceted personality of each variety.

Tasting note: Red Wine. 100% Ruchè. Intense ruby red with slight purple reflections in youth, turning garnet after the first few years in the bottle. The nose on this wine is unlike almost any other; Think Lacrima di Morra. It is intense, extended, slightly aromatic, and fruity with aromas typical of wild berries, jam, violets, and roses. The palate is warm, pleasant, and a rare silkiness.


Among all the exquisiteness and the fruity aromas that captivated my senses this year, this is by far the brightest in the nose. You can clearly distinguish in its rich bouquet of strawberry and raspberry, but also blackberry and sour cherry, blending in sublime sweetness and delicacy. Hints of rose and violet brings your olfactive senses at the highest and finest level. The silky tannins are smooth and intriguing and envelop any pungent expression of this wine. Clearly one of the best Italian red wines, a masterpiece of wine growing and wine-making.  ~99 Luca Maroni, I Migliori Vini Italiani.

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