2019 Bordeaux en Primeur Futures

To all Bordeaux investors, collectors, aficionados, and newbies, there is no better time to buy Bordeaux wines than with the 2019 vintage that has just been released. Even though the annual en primeur or futures buying process was disrupted by the pandemic, the end result is a buyer’s market for this superb vintage.

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Wines from top estates in Bordeaux can age for decades, but the 2019 vintage is unusual.

Due to hotter average temperatures during the growing season, the wines are delightful now. Full of succulent fruit, beautifully balanced with lively acidity and polished tannins, they offer immediate pleasure.

But, of course, allowing them to age will only improve pleasure in years to come.

The added bonus in 2019 is price. Due to the economic impact of the pandemic globally, release prices for futures are much lower than in 2018, up to 30% lower in some cases. Prices have not been this low in years.

Greg Martellotto, owner of Big Hammer Wines, a leading DTC (direct to consumer) online wine retailer, agrees.

“The global wine industry has suffered significant damage from the fallout of COVID-19, and even the Bordelais recognize that prices were too high. Releasing such an outstanding vintage at significant discounts will entice buyers from around the world. Futures are likely to sell out quickly.”

Because estates release only limited quantities to the futures market, and this year some estates released even less. Now is the time to buy.

2019 Bordeaux Futures

Bordeaux is primarily crafted from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc, and all these varieties thrived in 2019. The longer growing season allowed the grapes to develop additional complexity. Cool nights contributed to higher acidity levels.

“It’s shockingly rare to say that tasting brand-new Bordeaux is a pleasure, but that’s the case with the 2019 vintage. . . With its exuberance, sheer enjoyment of its fruits and dark dense structure all in great balance, this is what Bordeaux 2019 is about.” Roger Voss, Wine Enthusiast

Wines throughout the region are excellent, even at the lesser appellations, though some isolated variability exists. Many of the hundreds of growers and bottlers will release outstanding wines, including bulk wines.

There couldn’t be a better time for anyone passionate about Bordeaux to jump back into the market. The 2019 vintage offers magnificent wine at values unheard of in the last decade. Those who turned away because of ever-escalating prices should take another look at the opportunities this confluence of events has delivered to Bordeaux wine lovers.

A buyer’s market indeed.

2019 Bordeaux en Primeur Big Hammer Wines

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