We only trade in fine wine. This is our expertise and passion.

We're highly selective. Of 4,500 wines we taste each year, only 4% will make the grade.

We love to share our treasure hunts and adventures on the wine trail with other wine lovers.

Delivering joy to our clients is the most satisfying part of my job.

Whether you're new to wine or interested to gain more in depth knowledge about wine, Check out BHW Films here.

We source the finest wines in the world for our club members

Wine Clubs

BHW Real Wine Club

Red Wine Lovers Case by BHW

"Adventures in Wine" Wine Club

Sustainable Wines No dies coloring or chemical agents

Balanced alcohols (<14%)

Low in sugar (< 2 g/L)

Selected from small producers, often with limited availability

Low sulfites (<75ppm)

decrease wine allergies

Six or twelve bottles, ships every 1 or 2 months

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Lowest Price Ever Under $15 a bottle

6-pack or 12-pack of premium, hand selected red wines just for you 

We scour the earth to deliver the most wonderful wines to your doorstep

Choose your preference. Six or twelve bottles, shipped every 1, 2, or 3 months.

No Regrets Pay 50% or less of retail price

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#1 option for if you love a variety of wines and styles

Case of wine includes 12 premium bottles 

We scour the earth to deliver the most wonderful wines to your doorstep

Choose your preference for red, rosé,, white, sweet, or sparkling

No Regrets Pay 60% or less of retail price

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Happy Wine Adventurers Love Big Hammer Wines

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    "I never knew what to buy while staring at the wall of wine in the grocery store. Then, I discovered Big Hammer, and I love the selections delivered to my door. Now, I buy all my wines form BHW."
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    "Great products, easy ordering and selection experience, fantastic service, carefully packaged and reliably delivered! What more could one ask from a wine supplier?"
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    "It's terrific, great full-bodied and I could have drank the entire bottle. My wife bought 3 for my birthday gift, we'll need more!"
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    "Great taste and, even better I feel great the next morning."

We guarantee you'll be delighted with our selections.

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