Wine Dummies, Wine 101, Wine Silliness: wine “education” is everywhere. If you have WiFi and a glass of wine, you’re an expert. But there is no substitute for professionalism in wine education. 

Wine is complex but not complicated. At heart, it is a joyous beverage for sharing and bringing people together in the enjoyment of food and friendship. Wine professionals can transport you to the real places where wine culture lives. 

Big Hammer Wines offers several types of insightful educational wine experiences that will excite your love of wine.


corporate wine eduction

Corporate Wine Education

Enhance your corporate event through our specially curated wine tasting and education workshop. We will help you give your team a memorable experience through a group tasting, short topic-specific seminar, or a customized wine tasting and learning event. 

We’ll handle the details:

  • Wine-pairing dinners
  • Tailored content for your audience: Have a team of chemists? Let’s talk about the chemistry of wine. Is yours a team of accountants? The business of wine is for them. Want to show your clients some love? Let’s create a luxury event. 
  • An interactive wine exploration thanks to our team of sommeliers and wine professionals
  • An unparalleled education with a relaxed atmosphere, whatever the level of wine knowledge

We have your needs covered with our decades of professional experience at every level of the wine business. Be assured that we will design the best mix of fun and education for your business.

Contact us and let us know what you have in mind. 


in-home wine education

In-Home Wine Education

Interested in a more in-depth education or want to give the gift of a private in-home wine event? We’ll develop a private educational tasting event hosted in your home.

We’ll come to you for a personalized course designed for friends and family. 

We’ll design an unforgettable educational event for your needs. We specialize in everything from basic tastings to wine and food pairing essentials to technical aspects about wine growing and production.

Contact us to design your customized experience.


personal wine education

Personal Wine Education

Are you interested in learning about wine, but you’re looking for a more personalized experience? Big Hammer Wines offer a rare in-depth wine learning experience.

If you want to indulge your interest in wine without having to go the professional route, we can help. 

  • Interested in wine basics? We’ll create a wine overview.
  • Want to learn to build a wine inventory? Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of creating personal and professional wine collections.
  • Interested in creating a wine education program? We’ll get you started on the right path.
  • Want to enhance your service or sales skills? Our team has experience throughout all aspects of the wine trade.
  • Want to learn more about a specific region or about a winery or winemaker? We have deep contacts and networks around the U.S. and connect with winemakers and winegrowers around the world. 

Whatever your interest, our sommeliers and wine professionals can customize and personalize wine instruction that speaks directly to your interests.

Contact us to give yourself the gift of personal wine learning, an experience unlike any other.


sommelier wine services

Sommelier Services, Referrals, Resources

Trade professionals sometimes need additional wine contacts, services, referrals, connections, research, and resources. 

Because our team tastes over 4,500 wines every year, which we have done for more than a decade, our network is vast. 

If you are searching for something specific, hard to find, obscure, or unusual, let us do the groundwork for you. You’ll save time and get exactly what you need.

  • Want to connect with other winemakers in Texas? We’ll make the introductions. 
  • Want to understand how Cabernet Franc grows in upstate New York? We’ll connect you to the right producers.
  • Need to know more about carbonic maceration? We can provide extra resources.
  • Have a presentation coming up and need further research on a wine topic? We have your back.

Whatever wine professionals need, contact us and we’ll find it. Be assured our team of wine experts has the knowledge and reach to meet your needs.

big hammer wines - your personal and professional vino amigos

Big Hammer Wines – Your Professional and Personal Vino Amigos 

Let us be your wine education resource. 

Big Hammer Wines employs and networks with expert sommeliers and wine educators who are located throughout the United States. We specialize in bringing winemakers from wineries in California, France, Italy, Spain, Chile, and Argentina to your event. 

Let us know about your upcoming wine seminar, class, or event.  We’ll help you create an unforgettable learning event every time.

If you have an upcoming need for a wine expert, contact us at sales@bhwines.comor call us directly at  (619) 567-9244.