From the casual wine drinker to wine trade professionals, sometimes you need the services of a wine expert. Our experienced team offers a wide variety of wine-related consulting services, including:

  • wine collecting and wine cellars
  • wine investing and trading
  • selling wine collections
  • finding distinctive or limited wines

Whether you are new to fine wine and want to start a cellar or are a seasoned wine investor who trades frequently, we offer consulting and advice for all wine-related needs.  


Wine Collecting and Wine Cellar Benefits

Wine lovers wanting to learn about collecting wine and building a cellar might want to consider the benefits of starting a collection at home. Having a wine cellar at home allows you to:

  1. indulge your passion and hobby
  2. have a dedicated place to store your wine
  3. properly store your wine under the right conditions
  4. age your wine for maximum enjoyment
  5. keep your wine organized and easily accessible, including for insurance purposes
  6. save money by buying in quantity and when prices are lower
  7. build your wine knowledge
  8. always have your favorites on hand
  9. never run out of wine for a party or event
  10. enjoy the convenience of an onsite cellar versus an off-site storage facility
  11. make money buying and selling wine
  12. bring home wine from your travels
  13. enhance your home’s value
  14. impress your friends

Increasingly becoming an integral part of the home, small under-counter wine units or larger built-in or stand-alone refrigerated units sit in the kitchen or dining area. Homeowners typically locate custom-built cellars in another part of the house. 

A talented wine consultant will help you build a quality cellar based on the types and styles of wines you prefer.  The right consultant will help you source the wines at fair prices so you don’t waste money, 

Working together, you will learn which wines benefit from cellaring and aging and which you can drink sooner. 

Big Hammer Wine is a trusted partner in creating, maintaining and selling wine collections.


Wine Investing and Wine Trading Considerations

If you are intrigued about investing in wine, get the right advice, so you don’t lose money. 

A knowledgeable wine consultant will know which wines might increase in value, how to store the wine to ensure a good price when selling, and the best way to buy and sell the wine to maximize profits.

Here are some considerations when thinking about investing and trading in wine:

  1. Wine investing is about making money.
  2. Wine trading can be more about indulging a passion.
  3. Both require wine to bestored appropriately and documented.
  4. In both cases, you need proper insurance.
  5. The global wine landscape is complex.
  6. Understand all applicable Federal and State regulations.
  7. Investing and trading both require in-depth knowledge of current and future values.
  8. Know the costs involved such as fees, commission and the like.
  9. Determine your budget or trading price level, knowing investment-grade wine is costly.
  10. Trading is more flexible than investing.
  11. Wine investing is a longer-term effort.
  12. Investing and trading can be risky and subject to fraud.
  13. Investment wines should be isolated from those you will drink.
  14. Alternatives include wine investment funds or wine investment clubs.

Investing in wine is an alternative to investing in stocks and bonds. While there are many different investing and trading platforms for wine, there is no substitute for expertise.

From traditional auction houses to independent fine-wine online trading platforms, collectors and investors can buy and sell their wines with more ease today than ever before.

Consider price transparency, simplicity, liquidity, and costs when choosing a trading platform.

If you don’t have an in-depth wine knowledge, the services of an expert are paramount. Even if you know wine well, you may not have the contacts or know-how to make profitable deals.

Offering Bordeaux futures pricing (en primeur offers from May-July,) Big Hammer Wines can secure hard to find, highly allocated wines. Turn to a company that has the level of expertise needed to understand the nuances of the wine trade.


Options for Selling Wine Collections

Collectors, restaurants, retailers, among others, sell their wine inventories or collections to raise funds or to move certain wines. A collector may want to change the composition of their cellar or move wine to make room for new purchases. 

Whatever the reason, options abound for selling a wine collection today from live auctions to eBay. But, given the levels of fraud, dealing with someone you can trust who has the requisite wine knowledge ensures a successful sale.

Some options for selling wine include:

  • auction houses, brokers, local wine shops, or private individuals 
  • in person or online
  • via social media secret groups or local wine clubs
  • a reputable and knowledgeable industry buyer 


  • quantity, quality, and types of wine to be sold
  • the urgency of the need to sell
  • ease of process and payment
  • Federal and State regulations
  • costs and transparency

No matter the reason for selling your wine collection or inventory, dealing with a trustworthy wine consultant will save you headaches, especially if you need or want to sell quickly or want to maximize your profits.


Finding Unique and Special Wines

If you are looking for an extraordinary wine for a momentous occasion, our skilled wine team can source wine from around the world. 

We’ll help you find the right wine, at the right time, for the right client or event. Our expansive inventory includes many wines not listed on our website. 

Whatever your event, we have the wines that will satisfy the most discriminating palates: 

  • an engagement party, wedding reception, or bridal shower
  • a bachelor/bachelorette party or a rehearsal dinner
  • a birthday party, anniversary, or retirement event
  • holidays or happy hours
  • business or networking events
  • dinner parties or wine tastings

A larger format bottle, a beautifully etched bottle, or a bottle with a personalized or custom label makes every occasion unique.

Because we know every aspect of the wine trade and taste over 5,000 wines every year, Big Hammer Wines can help you in planning, pairing, selection, and delivery with the perfect wine.

Whether you plan to host an intimate dinner for friends or a gala event for thousands, make the event memorable with wine that delivers taste and style while meeting your budget.


Big Hammer Wines – Wine Consultants Extraordinaire

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Our expertise covers all aspects of the wine trade from wine growing and production, to importing, wholesaling, and retailing. We know wine collecting, investing, trading, selling, and delivering singular wines.

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