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Big Hammer Wines Brings Bordeaux Wine Lovers Closer to Bordeaux Wine Producers

Buellton, CA – Big Hammer Wines continues to defy convention through simplifying the supply chain for Bordeaux wines to the U.S. 

Big Hammer Wine’s goal is to reduce the distance between producers and clients for highly-rated Bordeaux wines. With their exclusive Bordeaux Direct Imports list, clients can now enjoy essentially wholesale cost on Bordeaux wine by the case. 

Anyone familiar with the retail wine market understands the cost implications of the three-tier system. This system does not serve customers well because it increases what they pay for wine, including Bordeaux wine. 

Big Hammer Wines continues to challenge the current distribution system through their innovative online business model. By reducing the supply chain, they can pass significant cost savings to customers. 

The best of Bordeaux wine is on offer at Big Hammer Wines at remarkable prices. Through direct importation and cutting out the middleman, clients receive personally curated ex-chateau wines delivered directly to their door at the best price. Access to a list like this is usually only available to wholesale clients, but Big Hammer believes that all clients should share in the benefits.

Greg Martellotto, Owner of Big Hammer Wines, says "Why Big Hammer Wines? We’re different for several reasons. First of all, we’re an online-only wine store, which means we have a low overhead. That means lower prices for you. Also, we’re a direct importer, which means there are no middlemen.” 

Big Hammer Wines will continue to defy expectations and disrupt convention in the wine business through ongoing innovation and service. 

ABOUT Big Hammer Wines

Since beginning 10 years ago, Big Hammer Wines has been committed to sourcing wines of exceptional quality and value, at every price point, including Bordeaux wine. To learn more about Big Hammer Wines and Bordeaux Direct Imports, visit the website: or email:



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Big Hammer Wines

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