2020 bordeaux futures

Buying Bordeaux futures has never been easier and wine lovers now have the perfect platform for purchasing Bordeaux en Primeur.

Big Hammer Wines has created a trading platform that offers clients the opportunity to pre-purchase hard to access wines with limited allocations.

The Bordeaux futures trading platform is launching just in time for the 2021 Bordeaux en Primeur campaign in April where the 2020 vintage will be presented.

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This new system advances Bordeaux futures trading more efficiently and cost-effectively than any other online retailer.

Big Hammer Wines is a leading DTC (direct to consumer) online wine retailer. Owner Greg Martellotto explains:

We can buy top Bordeaux Classified Growths at unmatched prices because of our direct connections in the region. Our unique DTC online purchasing model combines early access, aggressive pricing, and secure escrow. No other online retailer can match us.

How to Buy Best 2020 Bordeaux Futures
By signing up now, interested customers can take advantage of several benefits such as jumping into a priority lane where they can access some of the most sought-after and limited quantity wines in the world. They get access to cellar direct import pricing based on pre-release prices at up to a 20% discount. The priority lane also allows the opportunity to order larger bottle sizes that can be difficult to arrange.

Greg adds, “Anyone purchasing Bordeaux futures knows they must deal with a reputable company above all else. We take pride in our long-term relationships in Bordeaux, which are a testament to our company’s reliability and trust.

With Bordeaux en Primeur taking place from April to June, Big Hammer Wines’ clients will be at the head of the line as chateaux release their daily allocations. Because traders around the world also communicate daily offers to their clients, having a fast, secure system results in happy customers finding the wines they want at the prices they want to pay.

how to buy 2020 Bordeaux Futures

High-quality vintages and top producers are always in high demand, so customers with the right connections have the advantage. For the 2020 vintage, securing allocations through pre-purchase during the futures campaign may be the only way to get many of these wines.

For more information about Bordeaux futures or to place an order, contact: sales@bighammerwines.comor call us at 619-567-9244.

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