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Big Hammer Wine’s Greg Martellotto announces customized, curated virtual wine tasting events. With the global pandemic not yet under control, Greg decided to reach out and offer this well-received program to a broader audience.

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“It’s apparent that virtual tastings are becoming an integral part of the wine business now,” said Greg. “With the holidays coming up and in-person events impossible for corporations and other large groups, a professional virtual wine tasting is a great option for bringing people together.”

Greg and his expert wine staff will customize and curate wine events for the following clients based on the need:

Corporations to boost employee engagement and morale or for year-end rewards and celebrations

  • Non-profits for fundraising and connecting with donors
  • Alumni groups to network and connect, and also fundraise
  • Small businesses to reach out to existing and new clients
  • Wealth managers to connect with current or potential clients
  • Private events for executives and high-net worth individuals
  • Industry members to reach out to clients

Businesses can offer a social hour with a fun learning component instead of in-person holiday parties, receptions, and dinners. They can bring customers, vendors, and employees together in a new way.

Interested parties should call Greg with the following details and at least two weeks notice:

  • Contact name, phone number, email address
  • Purpose
  • Number of guests and confirmation of age
  • Date and time
  • Shipping location
  • Desired topic or wines
  • Estimated budget

Greg will recommend topics if there is nothing specific in mind. He will personalize the event based on wines and categories available on the website or choose white, red, or sweet wines, etc. Add some Atypical Dry Roasted Hazelnuts from Oregon for more tasting pleasure.

Events are held on Zoom, so a strong Internet connection is required for streaming properly. Participants receive a confirmation email, including the link, the meeting ID, and the password. An account is not necessary to participate.

Each session will last between 60 and 90 minutes with introductions, tasting, and “Ask a Wine Expert Anything About Wine” Q&A. Greg has found the Q&A highly engaging. Participants are encouraged to ask any wine-related questions.

Some recent topics:

  • US vs. Them: Cabernet and Blends from Napa & Bordeaux
  • A Deep Dive Exploration of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay: New World vs. Old World
  • Insights from a Sommelier: Hacks on buying and ordering the best wines
  • Winning at Wine: Secrets from a Wine Pro
  • Expert Evaluation: Wine Appreciation 411
  • Aperitifs, Digestifs, & Vermouth: Embracing Wine Diversity
  • Collector's Corner: Investing in Wine

Email us at for more information and to book an event.

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