Deep and Complex 2003 Il Palagione Antajr Supertuscan

Stop the presses! This is a wine that deserves front-page recognition!

The 2003 Il Palagione Antajr Supertuscan is the perfect bottle for anyone looking for excellent mature wine with an exceptionally low price tag. Coming in at just over $1 for every year this wine is old, this is a must-buy for any savvy wine drinker.

Finding a wine nearing two decades of age that is drinking well and costs less than 30 dollars is a rarity, like finding a four-leaf clover or a winning lottery ticket. You feel the calling, so seize the moment! This bottle is nothing short of sublime. 

Il Palagione has built a well-deserved reputation for making wine that ages extremely gracefully over its long life. The Antajr captures the true essence behind what a Super Tuscan is, showcasing international varieties alongside a local classic like Sangiovese. The blend here is nearly equal portions Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Three easy-to-age grapes may just be the secret behind what makes this wine so long-lived.

Ultimately this wine isn’t for the faint of heart, there is just so much depth and complexity to this beautifully aged wine that one needs to be mentally prepared for the out-of-body experience that shortly follows a sip. If this sounds like a challenge that you are ready for, don’t wait around on this because we took every last bottle of it and once it is gone… it is gone.