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Located in the heart of Bordeaux’s Right Bank, Lalande-de-Pomerol is just about two miles from the famous Pomerol and a number of vineyards are literally across the street. Think of Lalande as Pomerol’s little brother. This is an area where you can find some of the best values in all of Bordeaux. As Decanter put it, "Many of today’s Lalande's are of an equal quality to a middle-ranking Pomerol. They have the same opulent richness, and with an ability in the better vintages to age over five years and up to 10."

The 94-point 2016 L'Esprit Du Beau-Père Lalande-de-Pomerol is blessed because the terroir it grows in, is similar to that of its big brother. The soils are a mixture of clay, gravel, and sand. The climate is the typical Bordeaux climate, influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. As expected throughout Bordeaux, Lalande-de-Pomerol has a great terroir for Merlot and Cabernet Franc to grow in. 

Despite the similarities to its neighbor, this appellation produces slightly different wines from Pomerol. Here, you will find fresh, easy-to-drink, charming, great-value wines. But that doesn’t mean the wines don’t have the quality you’re looking for. Lalande-de-Pomerol produces such quality wines that even the owner of Châteaux Angélus in Saint-Émilion, Hubert de Boüard has an eye on the region and has started to invest. 

Wines like the L'Esprit Du Beau-Père are the reason why. Born in the region’s epic 98 points 2016 vintage and made by Jean Luc Thunevin (who gained the moniker as the “Bad Boy” of Bordeaux by Robert Parker years ago), it’s a modern wine that represents a new wave of Bordeaux Right Bank in search of purity, maturity, and elegance.

You may be familiar with Thunevin from his successful garage wine Château Valandraud. Today, it’s a Saint Emilion Premier Cru. He’s committed to excellence and puts the same care into the L'Esprit Du Beau-Père, into all his wines, as he does into Château Valandraud. 

Along with its fantastic 94-point score, Decanter calls this richly textured wine that’s 90% Merlot and 10% Cab Franc “heady and evocative” and says it's “good quality, elegant and polished.” It’s a wine made to age, but six years in, it’s already quite drinkable. 

How much do we love this wine? We are the exclusive importers of L'Esprit Du Beau-Père because we are true believers in its quality. Thunevin makes the best wines possible, and he releases them at the best prices he can. But we’re fortunate to be able to bring you this wine at an over 40% discount on that usual best price because we want you to become true believers in its quality, too.
2016 Whitehall Lane Leonardini Estate Cabernet Sauvignon