Outstanding Second Wine: 2018 Esprit de Gloria Saint-Julien

Do you love Bordeaux? Of course, you do? Do you love Bordeaux but can’t always afford the price of a Grand Cru? Don’t stop reading, because today we have a fantastic Bordeaux, a second wine from the much-admired Chateau Gloria, that makes it easy for EVERYONE to drink Bordeaux.
Chateau Gloria has a unique position among the major appellations on the Left Bank. It does not have an 1855 classification because it wasn’t around in 1855. Rather, it was born in the 1970s and has had to prove its worth. With great vintage after great vintage, it has proved that worth, and it now produces wineworthy of mention among the very best producers of Saint Julien.
The 2018 Esprit de Gloria Saint Julien is Chateau Gloria’s second wine. Itcomes from the same vineyards as Chateau Gloria, the Chateau’s eponymous equivalent of a Grand Cru. It’s also made by the same winemaker in the same cellar using the same barrels. However, it comes from the younger vines, yet it still reflects the typicity of the Saint-Julien appellation and the spirit of Chateau Gloria. 
In 2018, Chateau Gloria’s equivalent of a Grand Cru was awarded 94 points by Wine Enthusiast. The same reviewer rated the 2018 Esprit de Gloria Saint Julien93 points. That’s not a significant difference, yet, our price on the Esprit de Gloria is significantly different than the price you’d pay for the 94-point wine. It’s full of dark cherries and plums that explode from the glass and has bold flavors of plum, cocoa, spice, tobacco, and leather with a beautiful, fruity finish. 
Here’s what we suggest. At least an hour before you plan on drinking thisstunning Bordeaux, open it. Two hours would be even better. It does need time to open. Then start planning your meal. Steak or venison piled high with sautéed mushrooms would be ideal. Roasted lamb would be lovely, too. A hearty grain dish full of mushrooms would also sing with this wine. 
BHW is thrilled to offer Esprit de Gloria, a wine that Wine Enthusiast says “shows a sophisticated structure that gives richness as well as good balance,” for just$34.99. That’s a mind-blowing price on a 2018 Bordeaux (an excellent vintage, BTW) that, if not for being a pesky 115 years too late to earn a classification, would be coming from a Grand Cru Chateaux. 
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