One of the Best-Value Wines in All of Tuscany: 2020 Lazzeretti Rosso di Montalcino DOC

If you’re a Brunello lover, then we know you’re sure to appreciate its younger sibling, Rosso di Montalcino. It’s the perfect wine when you’re looking for a bottle that has many of the same qualities as Brunello, but it’s easier on the wallet, lighter on the palate, and enjoyable at a younger age. Rosso di Montalcino comes from the same region as Brunello, often the same vineyards, and it’s one of the best value wines in all of Tuscany.

The 2020 Lazzeretti Rosso di Montalcino DOC is crafted by one of the top Brunello producers, the Lazzeretti family. They’ve produced wine in the region since the 1980s, but they didn’t begin bottling their own wines under their own label until 2001 when brother and sister Marco and Julia, the soul of the company, began to craft one of the world’s most sought after wines, Brunello di Montalcino. And, like any smart Brunello producer, they also chose to bottle Rosso to make the most of the fruit in their vineyards.

Brunello must age for at least four years after the vintage before it can be released. Montalcino producers like Lazzeretti take some of the Sangiovese Grosso grapes that could end up as Brunello and bottle them as the younger Rosso. Because Rosso needs to age only one year, this easy-drinking wine costs less to produce than its older sibling. Still, you’ll find enormous similarities between it and Brunello.

James Suckling puts it this way: “It shares many of the qualities of Brunello: A complex flavor profile, fantastic with food, and is produced by many of the same top producers of Brunello. But you don’t have to wait long to enjoy it or pay a high price.”  

The Lazzeretti Rosso di Montalcino is soft and full-bodied with ripe fruit aromas. Wine Enthusiast says it’s “savory” and gives it another few good years, advising to drink it through 2025. 

BHW has the Lowest Price Anywhere on this food-friendly Tuscan red. Our 29% discountbrings this wine—made with grapes grown side by side with those that become Brunello—brings it to under $27. For this price, you can pop open this easy drinker and enjoy it with red-sauce dishes, chicken, and roast beef any night of the week.  

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