99-Point Montepulciano Guerrieri: 2021 Guerrieri Guerriero Nero IGT Marche Rosso

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’re probably familiar with Guerrieri Montepulciano, a truly epic wine in BHW’s portfolio. It's a wine that has been blessed with 99 points for over a decade, and it's certainly one of our all-time bestsellers.

Now, you might be wondering, why am I telling you this? Well, if you know us, you're aware that we scour the earth to bring you the very best, hidden gems we taste. And this is no exception. Today, we’re offering the 2021 Guerrieri Guerriero Nero IGT Marche Rosso, A.K.A “Little Brother” to our Guerrieri Bestseller, and quite frankly, it is nothing short of magic.

So, what can you expect? The same craftsmanship, the same expertise, the same terroir. Difference? This wine is so approachable; it's ready to be enjoyed the moment you pop that cork. With a price under $27 per bottle and free shipping when you grab the 6pk case, believe us, you won't be able to resist opening it right away.

THIS is the wine you bring to that party, the one you open with that special someone, and the perfect sip to enjoy on a Friday night while watching your favorite TV show and savoring your favorite comfort food. We’d even recommend this wine for Valentine’s Day with dark chocolate.

This wine is the real deal. If you love Argentine Malbec and deep, dark, black beauties with blue fruits and a hint of oak, then you’ll love this wine. Italian wine critic Luca Maroni, who featured it among his "Best Italian Wines of the Year" and awarded it a 94-point review.

Now, you might be wondering about the winery. Well, right in the heart of the Pessaro Hills, in the wine region of Le Marche, you’ll find Azienda Agraria Guerrieri, a family-owned winery with a wine-producing heritage of more than 200 years. Today, this boutique Italian winery is run by the 6th generation of the Guerrieri family. The vineyard is managed with 100% organic practices and a minimum intervention policy.

This Montepulciano blend is truly intriguing, as dark and intense as it gets, with a big, juicy fruit profile that's like a blueberry explosion. It's a powerful wine that will captivate you from the very first sip. So, are you ready for the ride?

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