Awarded 99 Points by Luca Maroni: 2021 Tenuta Ulisse Primitivo Masseri Terre Di Chieti

Picture this: the wind in your hair on your favorite road trip, the perfect pancake flip on a lazy Sunday morning, or stumbling upon a food truck serving the best tacos you've ever tasted. It's those “Aha!” moments that raise eyebrows and recall sheer joy and excitement. That is what we experienced when we first savored the "Near-perfect '' 99-Point 2021 Tenuta Ulisse Primitivo Masseri Terre Di Chieti.

Yes, we dare to call it 'near-perfection' because that's precisely what this wine is. With an impressive 99-point rating from Luca Maroni and a place among his Best Italian Wines of the Year, it's akin to stumbling upon a treasure chest.

We're quite familiar with Ulisse, and so are you. You may recall that we've featured wines from Tenuta Ulisse in the past, and unsurprisingly, they've always been in high demand, disappearing from our shelves before we know it. However, this marks our inaugural introduction of the 2021 Tenuta Ulisse Primitivo Masseri Terre Di Chieti, and we couldn't be more excited.

🚨Napa Cab, Aussie Shiraz, California Zin, and other big, bold, fruit-forward red wine lovers, gather 'round because this wine will be your jam! 🚨

🎦▶ Want the juicy details about how this glorious wine will taste? CLICK HERE and listen to what Greg Martellotto, BHW Owner and Founder, and one of only 400 Italian Wine Ambassadors in the world, has to say about this handpicked gem. 

We're absolutely blown away by Tenuta Ulisse and its incredible wines, and it seems we're not alone. Just listen to what our clients have to say:

✔️“Fantastically Delicious” ~JP
✔️“Exquisite wines” ~CS
✔️“A knockout” ~LC

And, it's not just us and our clients who are singing their praises. Wine critic Luca Maroni himself has consistently rated Ulisse as one of the best producers in Abruzzo and, indeed, all of Italy. Founded in 2006, it has swiftly become the flagship of the winemaking revival in the region. Owners and brothers Antonio and Luige Ulisse are two passionate winemakers who pour their heart and soul into their family winery. They combine new winemaking methods with hundreds of years of winemaking traditions in the region. 

Now, are you ready for the best part of the offer?

Imagine a 99-point wine, any 99-point wine. Now, put a price tag on it. I won’t claim to read minds, but I bet you're already envisioning prices no less than $50, or even $70—some of you might even have a three-digit number in mind.

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