One of Luca Maronis  Best Italian Wines of the Year: 2022 Scrimaglio Piemonte Rosso Organic

We're experts at uncovering fantastic, hidden Italian gems just for you. And here's a cool fact you might not know: A couple of years back, Greg Martellotto, BHW’s Owner, successfully passed a rigorous wine exam by the Vinitaly Academy, where he was awarded the prestigious “Italian Wine Ambassador” title. He became one of fewer than 300 people in the world who have earned this title.

So when we say, "We have an Italian gem for you," we really mean it. Today, we're excited to introduce one of them: 

The 2022 Scrimaglio Piemonte Rosso Organica fresh red wine made from Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, and Barbera grapes, native Piedmont grapes. It's 100% Organic certified, grown and cultivated exclusively from natural elements, no chemicals added. The result is an honest, easy-to-drink wine of extraordinary quality.

This wine hails from what is arguably one of the largest cooperatives in Piedmont, and we're truly proud of it as it represents one of our most exciting discoveries and imports this year!

Here's the story:

During one of our wine events, we met Viti Colte. We had some great conversations, did some serious tasting, and eventually got to try their under-the-radar winery called Scrimaglio. (which wines were not available in the USA at the time) And guess what? In no time, we were doing business with them – and I mean, we wanted it all! We boldly brought in almost their entire lineup. (You can CLICK HERE if you want to take a closer look.)

The 2022 Rosso Organic is crafted with super-high-quality farming and winemaking, and it's not just us saying that, wine critic Luca Maroni agrees, awarding it a remarkable 96 points and featuring it in his 'Best Italian Wines of the Year' Guide.

Here's the scoop: If you’re looking for authentic Italian regional blends that truley capture the essence of a vintage, you'll be absolutely delighted to enjoy this 100% organic gem. Best part? Its under $25 + free shipping if you get 6 or more bottles!

And for the pairings, Greg Martellotto just shared his favorites: ""I would love pairing this wine with anything that has tomato sauce—we're talking pizza, pasta, but you can also think about braised meat, or even just hamburgers on Tuesdays. It's that good…”

Don't miss out on the expertise of Greg Martellotto, as he shares valuable insights about this wine – CLICK HERE to watch the video

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