One of My Favorite Wineries  Robert Parker: 2020 Beau Vigne Cabernet Sauvignon Cabby Napa Valley

Hey, remember Cabby? That delicious Napa Cab from one of Robert Parker’s top wineries, crafted by one of the “best young winemakers in the world”? Oh, and with the coolest label? Well, get ready to say hi again because the 2020 Beau Vigne Cabernet Sauvignon Cabby from Napa Valley is back in town!

Last time it graced our shelves, it was gone in a flash. So, if you're a fan of Cabby and Napa Cabs, this one's a must-have.

Here's what you'll find:

➡️Outstanding Quality: 

According to the winemaker: An exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon! This year's Cabby is a classic, pristine Cabernet. A great one to whip out at dinner when the conversation is getting 'nice' and 'entertaining'

➡️ Winemaking Expertise:

This wine is crafted by Kirk Venge, one of the most iconic young winemakers in the world, and son of legendary Nils Venge, also known as "King of Cab", and producer of the mythical 1985 Groth Cab, the first Californian wine to receive a perfect 100 score from Robert Parker.

➡️ Cabby & the Beau Vigne Winery:

Beau Vigne flies under the radar as a “hidden gem” and small boutique winery producing only a few thousand cases a year and known to be one of Robert Parker’s favorite wineries. Now, let's talk about their showstopper – "Cabby." Notice the label's yellow taxi car? It's all about that urban thrill and excitement! Why Cabernet Sauvignon, you might ask? It's no accident – this choice is all about the bold and robust character of city life. Think of the wine as an ode to the intensity and energy of the bustling metropolis! 🏙️

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