The Epitome of Elegant White Wines: 2022 Domaine Roland Tissier et Fils Les Caillottes Sancerre

We have an insatiable love for Sancerre, and it seems we're not alone. Renowned wine critics and magazines, such as Wine Spectator, have described it as “home to some of France's tangiest, most thirst-quenching white wines.” Forbes Magazine even dubbed it “the world’s greatest white wine.” Sancerre is undoubtedly one of the most captivating white wines out there.

Today's offering is a prime example of these tangy and refreshing wines – the 2022 Domaine Roland Tissier et Fils Les Caillottes Sancerre.

If you're a fan of Sauvignon Blanc, this wine represents the pinnacle of the varietal.

It undergoes approximately 7 months of sur lie aging, resulting in a complex, delicate, and elegant white wine that perfectly embodies the term “tangy.”

Domaine Roland Tissier et Fils, situated in the Cher department of France, overlooks the Loire River and boasts a winemaking heritage spanning three generations, dating back to 1972. The Tissier family's terroir is iconic, with soils dating back to the Cretaceous and Jurassic eras, formed between 100 to 150 million years ago. The vineyards are spread across three distinct soil types: Caillottes, Terres Blanches, and Silex. All of this contributes to the rarity, uniqueness, and undeniable deliciousness of their wines.

Sancerre sets the gold standard for Sauvignon Blanc worldwide, and it's no surprise that it flies off our shelves. Our advice? Secure this exquisite Sancerre at the lowest price available before it disappears!

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