Wagner Family Red Schooner Voyage VI Argentine Malbec

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The new arrival of the Wagner Family’s highly coveted Malbec! Voyage earned the status as the wine world’s white-hot “it” wine the second its first incarnation was released. This exceptional red is the christening of its sixth iteration, and it shows off the earmarks that have made the Wagner Family best in class in Napa. Voyage 6 is yet another Wagner (Caymus) Masterpiece. It’s an impeccable, sensual red of outsized personality and layers of complexity. Collectors are already stocking up!

About the wine

When the Red Schooner first came into port, that little boat rocked the wine world that had grown too comfortable with the status quo.  Only the Wagner family’s frontier spirit could inspire such a bold move - the grapes are sourced from Argentina and transported to America under refrigeration.  Once there, the grapes are converted into purple-black elixir with the special methods perfected at Wagner’s Caymus HQ.  With the response the Voyage wines have, you’ll need to move fast.  Get it now before the price triples!  Collectors, Caymus fiends, admirers of the bold – this one is all you!


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