Summer Sippers: Italian White Wine 6pk Sampler 6x750ml

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About the Offer

Selected by Greg Martellotto, one of 400 "Italian Wine Ambassadors", our handpicked selection of exquisite white wines is your ticket to an unforgettable Italian journey.

From the rolling hills of Piedmont to the sun-kissed shores of Sardinia, each bottle represents a different region, showcasing the diverse terroirs and winemaking traditions of Italy.

Indulge in the crisp minerality of Piedmont's Gavi, the vibrant citrus notes of the Amalfi Coast, and the elegant floral aromas of Langhe. Let us guide you through the vineyards of Veneto, Lazio, and Sardinia, as you savor the flavors of Italy's most iconic wine regions. 

Ready to take your white wine tasting to the next level?

This sample includes:

  • 2021 Cantine San Marzano 'Edda' Bianco Salento Puglia
  • 2020 Pievalta Verdicchio San Paolo Riserva
  • 2021 Sella e Mosca Terrebianche Torbato
  • 2021 Casarotto Soave Classico DOC
  • 2020 Colterenzio Chardonnay Lafoa Alto Adige
  • 2022 Cantina Vernaccia Vermentino Di Sardegna Is Arutas

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