Cascina Garitina Niades Brachetto Mosto D’Uva Parzialmente Fermentato

  • Natural Frizzante, Low-Alcohol, Intoxicating
  • For That Friend Who Said, "Wine's Not My Thing"!
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About the Wine

This wine is for that friend who "doesn't like wine"! It delivers smiles, JOY IN A GLASS!

The ultimate "POP WINE". Thanks to its partial fermentation, this wine offers a one-of-a-kind flavor combination. The strong freshness, along with a hint of tanginess and a touch of savory. While it carries a hint of sweetness, it's perfectly balanced, never overly sugary.With just 4.5% alcohol, it's the perfect choice for quenching your thirst on a sunny day.

Founded in 1900, Cantina Garitina bears the name of Gianluca Morino's great-grandmother, Margherita, affectionately known as 'Margheritina' in Piemontese dialect. This winery, now in the hands of the fourth generation.

Nestled in the Southern area of the Nizza appellation, Cascina Garitina's vineyards boast a rich history, with some plots dating back to 1924, 1949, and 1954. These old vines, along with others, thrive on the unique terroir of sandstone and marl at elevations ranging from 285 to 420 meters above sea level.

Brachetto is a captivating Italian grape variety, it produces wines with a lightly effervescent and slightly sweet wine that dances on your palate. Perfect for dessert or as an aperitif, spicy food and more!

Tasting Notes: Brachetto. The marked freshness, seasoned with an acidulous and partly savory note, contrasts with the residual sugar which makes the wine sweet in all respects.



***Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles of This Wine***